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Optimal planning of sustainable buildings: Integration of life cycle assessment and optimization in a decision support system (DSS), file e268c4c6-fb7d-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 100
Life cycle assessment of hydrogen-powered city buses in the High V.LO-City project: integrating vehicle operation and refuelling infrastructure, file e268c4ce-bae2-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 56
Environmental sustainability of building retrofit through vertical greening systems: A life-cycle approach, file e268c4ce-19fd-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 18
Environmental assessment of vegetable crops towards the water-energy-food nexus: A combination of precision agriculture and life cycle assessment, file c96a5cc3-9ffe-4bfb-a7c6-432fe6eb6b07 17
Carbon-neutral-campus building: Design versus retrofitting of two university zero energy buildings in europe and in the united states, file e268c4ce-154b-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 10
Life Cycle Assessment of a Circular Economy Process for Tray Production via Water-Based Upcycling of Vegetable Waste, file 5f30ed9f-22f4-40f4-ac0b-37f680badd77 8
Sustainability in Maritime Sector: Waste Management Alternatives Evaluated in a Circular Carbon Economy Perspective, file e268c4cc-4f53-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 6
Waste Management under Emergency Conditions: Life-Cycle Multicriteria Analysis as Decision Support System, file e268c4cc-ac38-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 6
Sustainable packaging: an evaluation of crates for food through a life cycle approach, file e268c4cc-8341-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 5
Environmental analysis along the supply chain of dark, milk and white chocolate: a life cycle comparison, file e268c4cc-8346-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 5
Hybrid solar power system versus photovoltaic plant: A comparative analysis through a life cycle approach, file e268c4ca-7c74-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 4
Circular economy approach to reduce water–energy–food nexus, file e268c4cb-a117-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 4
Use of EPD system for designing new building materials: The case study of a bio-based thermal insulation panel from the pineapple industry by-product, file e268c4cc-e252-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
AMICE Project - Advanced Manufacturing in Central Europe, file e268c4cc-fc74-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
A survey of life cycle approaches in waste management, file e268c4c6-107f-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Using environmental product declaration as source of data for life cycle assessment: A case study, file e268c4ca-223b-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Life Cycle Assessment for eco-design of product-package systems in the food industry€ - The case of legumes, file e268c4ca-36e3-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Opportunities and criticisms of voluntary emission reduction projects developed by Public Administrations: Analysis of 143 case studies implemented in Italy, file e268c4ca-36f2-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Investigation of green practices for paper use reduction onboard a cruise ship—a life cycle approach, file e268c4ca-7f2c-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Life Cycle Assessment from food to food: A case study of circular economy from cruise ships to aquaculture, file e268c4ca-8801-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Life cycle assessment in the food industry, file e268c4cc-0e5f-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Waste to aggregate: an application of circular economy to aquaculture, file e268c4ce-612a-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Impact of circular measures to reduce urban CO2 emissions: An analysis of four case studies through a production- and consumption-based emission accounting method, file 4877bb24-f4c9-4872-8007-e6e20bda5b89 1
Development of PCR for WWTP based on a case study, file e268c4c5-fa36-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
The Application of the Environmental Product Declaration to Waste Disposal in a Sanitary Landfill - Four Case Studies, file e268c4c6-0268-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing of a SOFC system for distributed power generation, file e268c4ca-2de7-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Analysis of potential GHG emissions reductions from methane recovery in livestock farming, file e268c4ca-69d5-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
An evaluation of environmental sustainability in the food industry through Life Cycle Assessment: the case study of tomato products supply chain, file e268c4cb-9258-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
GHG Accounting for sustainable mega-events: How lessons learnt during the Milan Expo 2015 world fair could lead to less carbon-intensive future mega-events, file e268c4cc-06c6-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
University campus waste prevention and reduction: A circular-economy approach, file e268c4cc-2932-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
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