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How Growing Conditions and Interfacial Oxygen Affect the Final Morphology of MgO/Ag(100) Films 174
Crackling noise peaks as signature of avalanche correlation 165
Chemisorption of CO on N-doped Graphene on Ni(111) 158
Enhanced Chemical Reactivity of Pristine Graphene Interacting Strongly with a Substrate: Chemisorbed Carbon Monoxide on Graphene/Nickel(1 1 1) 153
Morphology of Monolayer MgO Films on Ag(100): Switching from Corrugated Islands to Extended Flat Terraces 152
Comment on “Adsorption of hydrogen and hydrocarbon molecules on SiC(001)” by Pollmann et al. (Surf. Sci. Rep. 69 (2014) 55–104) 143
A phenomenological explanation of TES excess noise 140
Vortex avalanche phenomena in MgB2 superconducting film studied by current noise measurements 140
CO chemisorption at vacancies of supported graphene films: a candidate for a sensor? 138
Morphology of monolayer MgO films on Ag(100): Switching from corrugated islands to extended flat terraces 132
Hydrogen-induced nanotunnel opening within semiconductor subsurface 132
Influence of growing conditions on the reactivity of Ni supported graphene towards CO 131
Enhanced hydrolysis at monolayer MgO films 128
X-Ray Analysis on Ceramic Materials Deposited by Sputtering and Reactive Sputtering for Sensing Applications 126
Synthesis and characterization of pure and Co-doped gallium nitride nanocrystals 124
The behaviour of an old catalyst revisited in a wet environment: Co ions in APO-5 split water under mild conditions 118
2D Ni Nanoclusters on Ultrathin MgO/Ag(100) 116
Synthesis, characterization and modelling of silicon based opals 113
A powerful tool for graphene functionalization: Benzophenone mediated UV-grafting 112
Enhanced reactivity at metal-oxide interface: water interaction with MgO ultrathin films 111
Avalanche correlation in power spectra 109
Oxidation behavior of ZrB2/SiC laminates: Effect of composition on microstructure and mechanical strength 108
Optimization of 1D ZnO@TiO2Core–Shell Nanostructures for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting under Solar Light Illumination 108
Dynamic Light Scattering and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Characterization of PEGylated Polymer Nanocarriers: Internal Structure and Surface Properties 107
Inkjet printed acrylic formulations based on UV-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites 107
Defect influence on the electrical properties of 4H-SiC Schottky diodes 107
Avalanche correlation in power spectra with wide peaks 103
Overcoming the Limits of Flash Nanoprecipitation: Effective Loading of Hydrophilic Drug into Polymeric Nanoparticles with Controlled Structure 103
A Study of the Excess Noise of Ir Transition Edge Sensors in the Frame of Statistical Models 101
Morphology and magnetic properties of sputtered Co80Cr 20 thin film antidot patterns obtained by Electron Beam Lithography 100
Photochemical synthesis of gold-polyethylenglycol core-shell nanoparticles 99
Magnetoresistance anisotropy in a hexagonal lattice of Co antidots obtained by thermal evaporation 99
Study of dendritic avalanches by current noise measurements in High Tc Superconductors 98
Luminescence thermochromism of acrylic materials incorporating copper iodide clusters 98
Modification and characterization of carbon black with mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane 97
Physico-chemical properties of imogolite nanotubes functionalized on both external and internal surfaces 97
Morphology and magnetic properties of sputtered Co80Cr 20 thin film antidot patterns obtained by Electron Beam Lithography 97
In Situ Reduction of Graphene Oxide in an Epoxy Resin Thermally Cured with Amine 95
From Vanadia Nanoclusters to Ultrathin Films on TiO2(110): Evolution of the Yield and Selectivity in the Ethanol Oxidation Reaction 93
Schottky Contacts to N-Type 4H-SiC Fabricated with Ti-, Mo-, Ni- and Al-Based Metallizations 92
Nanoprecipitation in confined impinging jets mixers: Production, characterization and scale-up of pegylated nanospheres and nanocapsules for pharmaceutical use 91
MgO/Ag(100): confined vibrational modes in the limit of ultrathin films 90
Poly(ethylene glycol)-coated magnetite nanoparticles: Preparation and characterization 90
Amorphous silicon and silicon nitride channel optical waveguides 89
Self passivating behavior of multilayer SiC under simulated atmospheric re-entry conditions 88
Study on the excimer laser annealed amorphous hydrogenated silicon carbon films deposited by PECVD 88
Surface functionalization by poly-acrylic acid plasma-polymerized films for microarray DNA diagnostics 88
On-surface synthesis of different boronenitrogenecarbon heterostructures from dimethylamine borane 88
Hybrid coatings containing silver nanoparticles generated in situ in a thiol-ene photocurable system 85
Chemical reactivity and variation in electronical properties of graphene on Ni(111) and reduced graphene oxide 84
Excess noise in transition edge sensors 83
Chemical Reactivity And Electronical Properties Of Graphene And Reduced Graphene Oxide On Different Substrates 81
Morphology and magnetic properties of sputtered Co80Cr 20 thin film antidot patterns obtained by Electron Beam Lithography 79
Correlated avalanches in TES noise power spectra 75
Functionalization Of Graphene And Reduced Graphene Oxide In Different Matrices 75
Length-dependent charge generation from vertical arrays of high-aspect-ratio ZnO nanowires 74
Enhanced imaging of magnetic structures in micropatterned arrays of Co dots and antidots 72
Peacked structure in noise power spectra as signature of avalaches correlation 70
Corrosion behavior of SiC laminate under decomposed sulfuric acid at 850°C 64
Luminescence variation by rigidity control of acrylic composite materials 63
On the use of micromixers for the continuous preparation of polymer nanocapsules with controlled characteristics. 48
Development of a TES for antenna-coupled bolometer for Cosmic Microwave Background Detection 46
Impact of Annealing on TC and Structure of Titanium Thin Films 41
Handbook of Graphene Growth, Synthesis, and Functionalization 33
First Configurational Study of the CryoAC Detector Silicon Chip of the Athena X-Ray Observatory 26
Ir film structural properties for TES application 23
The Cryogenic Anticoincidence Detector for the NewAthena X-IFU Instrument: A Program Overview 16
An updated overview of the HOLMES status 6
The status of the HOLMES experiment 3
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