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Experimental tests with rice straw on a square-based spouted bed reactor 102
Thermal and thermo-oxidative characterisation of rice straw for its use in energy valorisation processes 97
Thermo-oxidative characterisation of the residues from persimmon harvest for its use in energy recovery processes 94
Spouting behaviour of binary mixtures in square-based spouted beds 91
CFD simulation of a spouted bed: Comparison between the Discrete Element Method (DEM) and the Two Fluid Model (TFM) 89
Influence of the degradation medium on water uptake, morphology, and chemical structure of Poly(Lactic Acid)-Sisal bio-composites 89
A CFD-DEM sensitivity analysis: The case of a pseudo-2D spouted bed 87
Thermal kinetics for the energy valorisation of polylactide/sisal biocomposites 86
Thermal and thermo-oxidative stability and kinetics of decomposition of PHBV/sisal composites 85
A new approach to the solubility in aqueous salt solution 84
Discrete element method for the prediction of the onset velocity in a spouted bed 80
Reduction of nitrates in waste water through the valorization of rice straw: LIFE LIBERNITRATE project 79
Comparative study for the energetic valorisation of rice straw 77
A CFD–DEM study of the behaviour of single-solid and binary mixtures in a pyramidal spouted bed 77
CFD Simulations of a Square-Based Spouted Bed Reactor and Validation with Experimental Tests Using Rice Straw as Feedstock 74
Preliminary tests for the thermo-chemical conversion of biomass in a spouted bed pilot plant 74
Feasibility Studies on the Energy Valorisation of Agricultural Residues Using Aspen Plus© 72
Sensitivity analysis and validation of a Two Fluid Method (TFM) model for a spouted bed 64
Modelling of spouted and spout-fluid beds: Key for their successful scale up 63
Implementation of the Italian school-work alternating programme within chemical engineering activities 62
Evaluation of the Mechanical and Thermal Properties Decay of PHBV/Sisal and PLA/Sisal Biocomposites at Different Recycle Steps 53
CFD-DEM simulations of a continuous square-based spouted bed and evaluation of the solids residence time distribution 52
An integrated approach to convert lignocellulosic and wool residues into balanced fertilisers 49
Co-incineration of rice straw-wood pellets: A sustainable strategy for the valorisation of rice waste 48
Podcasting in Ingegneria Chimica e di Processo 46
Current Status of Energy Production from Solid Biomass in Southern Italy 45
Characterization of crosslinked poly(vinyl alcohol)-based membranes with different hydrolysis degrees for their use as electrolytes in direct methanol fuel cells 45
Current status of energy production from solid biomass in North-West Italy 41
Experimental study on the solids residence time distribution in multiple square-based spouted beds 40
Simulation of the gasification of agricultural residues using coco simulator 39
Kinetic Characterization of the Residues from the Pruning of Apple Trees for their Use as Energy Vectors 39
Experimental studies on the gasification of the residues from prune of apple trees with a spouted bed reactor 39
Characterisation of the char obtained from biomass gasification in a spouted bed reactor 34
Production, characterization, and evaluation of pellets from rice harvest residues 34
Molecular dynamics simulation of the interactions between carbon dioxide and a natural-based carbonaceous microporous material 28
Simulation activities for the pseudo-equilibrium modelling of the gasification of agricultural residues 28
Production, Activation and CO2 Uptake Capacity of a Carbonaceous Microporous Material from Palm Oil Residues 27
Production and characterisation of pellets from rice straw and rice husk 18
Environmental Valorization of Rice Waste as Adsorbent Material for the Removal of Nitrates from Water 16
Water absorption behavior and physico-chemical and mechanical performance of PLA-based biopolymers filled with degradable glass fibers 14
The Experience of Community of Practice in Polytechnic School and its Impact on the Chemical Engineering Courses at the University of Genova 9
Review of Experimental Activities and Recent Developments of Spouted Bed Reactors at Different Operational Scales 9
Municipal Plastic Waste Recycling through Pyrogasification 8
Valorisation of Agricultural Residues 2
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