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Comparison of methods to identify modules in noisy or incomplete brain networks, file e268c4cc-4b8d-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 185
Phase matters: A role for the subthalamic network during gait, file e268c4cb-59a1-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 91
Classification of Epileptic Activity Through Temporal and Spatial Characterization of Intracranial Recordings, file e268c4cc-b6ab-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 68
Global and local complexity of intracranial EEG decreases during NREM sleep, file e268c4c7-d69a-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 53
Distinctive neuronal firing patterns in subterritories of the subthalamic nucleus, file e268c4c7-a2a8-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 19
Phase and amplitude EEG correlations change with disease progression in people with idiopathic rapid eye-movement sleep behavior disorder, file e268c4ce-f271-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 13
Automatic segmentation of deep intracerebral electrodes in computed tomography scans, file e268c4c6-c989-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 11
Striatal dopaminergic innervation regulates subthalamic beta-oscillations and cortical-subcortical coupling during movements: Preliminary evidence in subjects with Parkinson’s disease, file e268c4c7-d9b2-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 6
Multi-task multiple kernel learning reveals relevant frequency bands for critical areas localization in focal epilepsy, file e268c4cc-9bd9-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 5
Bistability breaks-off deterministic responses to intracortical stimulation during non-REM sleep, file e268c4c7-d9ce-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 4
Improvement of white matter tract reconstruction with constrained spherical deconvolution and track-density mapping in low angular resolution data: a pediatric study and literature review, file e268c4c7-ffe8-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
XTENS-A JSON-Based Digital Repository for Biomedical Data Management, file e268c4cb-016e-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
A new tool for touch-free patient registration for robot-assisted intracranial surgery: application accuracy from a phantom study and a retrospective surgical series, file e268c4cb-59a4-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging of neonatal Spinal Cord in clinical routine, file 4468b739-148d-4b2d-a85a-dedddd925ebb 2
SEEG assistant: A 3DSlicer extension to support epilepsy surgery, file e268c4c7-ad10-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Metodo per il supporto alla pianificazione di traiettorie stereotassiche lineari per l'mpianto di dispositivi intracerebrali quali elettrodi multicontatto registranti e/o stimolanti, sonde bioptiche, applicatori di luce laser, file e268c4c7-e1ef-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Genuine cross-frequency coupling networks in human resting-state electrophysiological recordings, file e268c4cd-3286-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Long-range phase synchronization of high-frequency oscillations in human cortex, file e268c4cd-743e-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Relationship of fast- and slow-timescale neuronal dynamics in human MEG and SEEG, file e268c4c7-d699-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Cortical response to levodopa in Parkinson's disease patients with dyskinesias, file e268c4cb-5778-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Retrospective evaluation and SEEG trajectory analysis for interactive multi-trajectory planner assistant, file e268c4cb-b427-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
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