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Comparison of methods to identify modules in noisy or incomplete brain networks, file e268c4cc-4b8d-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 194
AMPA receptor GluA2 subunit defects are a cause of neurodevelopmental disorders, file e268c4cb-69f6-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 112
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Systematic Review of Sleep Disturbances and Circadian Sleep Desynchronization in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Toward an Integrative Model of a Self-Reinforcing Loop, file e268c4cc-1e57-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 77
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Sleep-related epileptic behaviors and non-REM-related parasomnias: Insights from stereo-EEG, file e268c4cb-ea35-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 64
Mild malformations of cortical development in sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy due to KCNT1 mutations, file e268c4cb-f336-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 58
Global and local complexity of intracranial EEG decreases during NREM sleep, file e268c4c7-d69a-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 56
Activation of the motor cortex during phasic rapid eye movement sleep, file e268c4cc-4cc1-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 43
Case Report: Whole Exome Sequencing Revealed Disease-Causing Variants in Two Genes in a Patient With Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Hyperactivity, Sleep and Gastrointestinal Disturbances, file e268c4cd-d63c-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 9
Multi-task multiple kernel learning reveals relevant frequency bands for critical areas localization in focal epilepsy, file e268c4cc-9bd9-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 6
Pediatric optic neuritis and anti MOG antibodies: a cohort of Italian patients, file e268c4cb-eaff-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 5
International Expert Opinions and Recommendations on the Use of Melatonin in the Treatment of Insomnia and Circadian Sleep Disturbances in Adult Neuropsychiatric Disorders, file e268c4ce-4271-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 5
Bistability breaks-off deterministic responses to intracortical stimulation during non-REM sleep, file e268c4c7-d9ce-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 4
Screening, diagnosis, and management of obstructive sleep apnea in dangerous-goods truck drivers: to be aware or not?, file e268c4cb-be6f-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 4
Focal status and acute encephalopathy in a 13-year-old boy with de novo DNM1L mutation: Video-polygraphic pattern and clues for differential diagnosis, file 34a06bf5-0c22-4587-86d4-fa9060630104 3
Integrating Sleep and Alzheimer's Disease Pathophysiology: Hints for Sleep Disorders Management, file e268c4c8-fe22-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
Prognostic factors of postoperative seizure outcome in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy and normal magnetic resonance imaging, file e268c4cb-f33a-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
SUrface-PRojected FLuid-Attenuation-Inversion-Recovery Analysis: A Novel Tool for Advanced Imaging of Epilepsy, file e268c4cb-fa51-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
Screening, diagnosis, and management of obstructive sleep apnea in dangerous-goods truck drivers: to be aware or not?, file e268c4cb-fff5-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
Drug-resistant parietal epilepsy: Polymorphic ictal semiology does not preclude good post-surgical outcome, file e268c4cc-1adc-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
Sleep apnea and periodic leg movements in the first year after spinal cord injury, file e268c4cc-1ae0-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
Surgery in patients with childhood-onset epilepsy: analysis of complications and predictive risk factors for a severely complicated course, file e268c4cc-3ddb-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
Multiscale Functional Clustering Reveals Frequency Dependent Brain Organization in Type II Focal Cortical Dysplasia with Sleep Hypermotor Epilepsy, file e268c4cc-4cc9-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on the Behavior of Families in Italy: A Focus on Children and Adolescents, file e268c4ce-3dcc-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
Stereoelectroencephalography-guided radiofrequency thermocoagulation in the epileptogenic zone: A retrospective study on 89 cases, file e268c4cb-ea37-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Suppression of interictal spikes during phasic rapid eye movement sleep: a quantitative stereo-electroencephalography study, file e268c4cb-ee8e-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Drugs Used in Parasomnia, file e268c4cb-f04f-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Dissecting the neurological phenotype in children with callosal agenesis, interhemispheric cysts and malformations of cortical development, file e268c4cb-f334-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
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Antioxidant and inflammatory biomarkers for the identification of prodromal Parkinson's disease, file e268c4cb-fa55-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Neurology and psychiatry: Waking up to opportunities of sleep. : State of the art and clinical/research priorities for the next decade, file e268c4cb-fa5f-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Risk factors for postoperative depression: A retrospective analysis of 248 subjects operated on for drug-resistant epilepsy, file e268c4cb-ff90-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Periodic limb movements during sleep in stroke/TIA: Prevalence, course, and cardiovascular burden, file e268c4cc-00e3-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
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Circadian rhythm and epilepsy, file e268c4cc-1af1-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Stroke causes a transient imbalance of interhemispheric information flow in EEG during non-REM sleep, file e268c4cc-1b39-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
A fast and general method to empirically estimate the complexity of brain responses to transcranial and intracranial stimulations, file e268c4cc-1cb4-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Cerebral blood flow in a case of typical aura without headache, file e268c4cc-1e59-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Brainstem lesion causing paroxysmal ataxia, dysarthria, diplopia and hemifacial spasm (PADDHS), file e268c4cc-1e5b-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Stereoelectroencephalography: retrospective analysis of 742 procedures in a single centre, file e268c4cc-1e5d-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Sleep Related Hypermotor Seizures with a Right Parietal Onset, file e268c4cc-4b0f-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Interictal epileptiform discharges in sleep and the role of the thalamus in Encephalopathy related to Status Epilepticus during slow Sleep, file e268c4cc-4b90-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Neurophysiological correlates of sleep leg movements in acute spinal cord injury, file e268c4cc-4cbd-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy: Prevalence, impact and management strategies, file e268c4cc-4cc3-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Sleep-related rhythmic sound from the vocal cords: A possible atypical form of NREM parasomnia, file e268c4cc-4dc2-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Migrating focal seizures in Autosomal Dominant Sleep-related Hypermotor Epilepsy with KCNT1 mutation, file e268c4cc-4e76-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Simultaneous human intracerebral stimulation and HD-EEG, ground-truth for source localization methods, file e268c4cc-94fe-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Genuine cross-frequency coupling networks in human resting-state electrophysiological recordings, file e268c4cd-3286-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Long-range phase synchronization of high-frequency oscillations in human cortex, file e268c4cd-743e-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Sleep disturbances in craniopharyngioma: a challenging diagnosis, file e268c4ce-2788-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
The Role of Muscle Biopsy in Diagnostic Process of Infant Hypotonia: From Clinical Classification to the Genetic Outcome, file e268c4ce-28b2-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Expanding the clinical and neuroimaging features of post-varicella arteriopathy of childhood, file e268c4ce-3e9d-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Relationship of fast- and slow-timescale neuronal dynamics in human MEG and SEEG, file e268c4c7-d699-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
The pharmacotherapeutic management of obstructive sleep apnea, file e268c4cb-91ea-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Epilepsy surgery in the posterior part of the brain, file e268c4cb-ea30-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Preserved cardiac autonomic dynamics during sleep in subjects with spinal cord injuries, file e268c4cb-ea39-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Sexsomnia: a diagnostic challenge, a case report, file e268c4cb-ea9a-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Polysomnographic features differentiating disorder of arousals from sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy, file e268c4cb-eb01-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Stereo-EEG ictal/interictal patterns and underlying pathologies, file e268c4cb-eb03-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Loss of consciousness is related to hyper-correlated gamma-band activity in anesthetized macaques and sleeping humans, file e268c4cb-ee80-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Surgical treatment of polymicrogyria-related epilepsy, file e268c4cb-fa53-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Sleep, sleep deprivation, autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular diseases, file e268c4cb-fa57-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Circadian sleep propensity and alcohol interaction at the wheel, file e268c4cb-fa59-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Definition and diagnostic criteria of sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy, file e268c4cb-fa5b-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Sleepiness as a Local Phenomenon, file e268c4cb-fc48-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Continuous positive airway pressure treatment with nasal pillows in obstructive sleep apnea: long-term effectiveness and adherence, file e268c4cc-00e7-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Cardiac autonomic dynamics during sleep are lost in patients with TIA and stroke, file e268c4cc-1ec2-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
A stereo EEG study in a patient with sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy due to DEPDC5 mutation, file e268c4cc-2335-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Is polysomnography screening effective for stroke prevention?, file e268c4cc-2341-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Stereo-EEG: Diagnostic and therapeutic tool for periventricular nodular heterotopia epilepsies, file e268c4cc-3398-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Optimization of the Cortical Traveling Wave Analysis framework for feasibility in Stereo-Electroencephalography, file e268c4cc-4499-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
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