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Multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells from amniotic fluid: solid perspectives for clinical application. 171
A mixture of bacterial mechanical lysates is more efficient than single strain lysate and of bacterial-derived soluble products for the induction of an activating phenotype in human dendritic cells 150
In vitro VLA-4 blockade results in an impaired NK cell-mediated immune surveillance against melanoma 140
Detection of MAGE-1, -2, and -3 messenger RNA in tissue samples derived from lung and mammary tumors. 137
Mucosal Immunology and Probiotics. 137
Engagement of CD33 surface molecules prevents the generation of dendritic cells from both monocytes and CD34+ myeloid precursors. 135
Human dendritic cells activate resting Natural Killer (NK) cells and are recognized via the NKp30 receptor by activated NK cells. 130
Novel perspectives on dendritic cell-based immunotherapy of cancer 124
The natural killer cell-mediated killing of autologous dendritic cells is confined to a cell subset expressing CD94/NKG2A, but lacking inhibitory killer Ig-like receptors. 120
NCR + ILC3 concentrate in human lung cancer and associate with intratumoral lymphoid structures 120
T lymphocytes express B7 family molecules following interaction with dendritic cells and acquire bystander costimulatory properties 119
Susceptibility of human melanoma cells to autologous natural killer (NK) cell killing: HLA-related effector mechanisms and role of unlicensed NK cells 119
Dendritic cell editing by activated natural killer cells results in a more protective cancer-specific immune response. 117
Characterization of human afferent lymph dendritic cells from seroma fluids. 115
Seroma fluid subsequent to axillary lymph node dissection for breast cancer derives from an accumulation of afferent lymph. 113
Human NK cells and NK receptors 113
IFN-alpha mediates the up-regulation of HLA class I on melanoma cells without switching proteasome to immunoproteasome 112
Phenotypic, functional and molecular analysis of lymphocytes associated with bladder cancer. 112
CD56(bright)perforin(low) noncytotoxic human NK cells are abundant in both healthy and neoplastic solid tissues and recirculate to secondary lymphoid organs via afferent lymph. 111
CD62L expression identifies a unique subset of polyfunctional CD56dim NK cells 110
Molecular mechanisms directing migration and retention of natural killer cells in human tissues 110
An Historical Overview: The Discovery of How NK Cells Can Kill Enemies, Recruit Defense Troops, and More 110
Distinct roles of IL-12 and IL-15 in human natural killer cell activation by dendritic cells from secondary lymphoid organs. 109
The abundant NK cells in human secondary lymphoid tissues require activation to express killer cell ig-like receptors and become cytolytic. 108
Dendritic cell editing by natural killer cells. 108
Dendritic cells efficiently cross-prime HLA class I restricted cytolytic T lymphocytes when pulsed with both apoptotic and necrotic cells but not with soluble cell-derived lysates. 107
Adherent neoplastic cells grown at confluence downregulate HLA class I expression and enhance their susceptibility to lysis mediated by natural killer cells. 107
Surface receptors and functional interactions of human natural killer cells: from bench to the clinic 106
Cross-Talks between Natural Killer Cells and Distinct Subsets of Dendritic Cells 101
Arginase 2 is expressed by human lung cancer, but it neither induces immune suppression, nor affects disease progression 101
Do NK cells play a role in the possible association between natalizumab treatment and the development of melanoma? 100
Membrane transfer from tumor cells overcomes deficient phagocytic ability of plasmacytoid dendritic cells for the acquisition and presentation of tumor antigens. 99
NK cells provide helper signal for CD8+ T cells by inducing the expression of membrane-bound IL-15 on DCs 98
CD56brightCD16- killer Ig-like receptor- NK cells display longer telomeres and acquire features of CD56dim NK cells upon activation. 97
The interaction between NK cells and dendritic cells in bacterial infections results in rapid induction of NK cell activation and in the lysis of uninfected dendritic cells 96
A non-canonical adenosinergic pathway led by CD38 in human melanoma cells induces suppression of T cell proliferation 96
Distinctive lack of CD48 expression in subsets of human dendritic cells tunes NK cell activation. 96
The Immune Inhibitory Receptor LAIR-1 Is Highly Expressed by Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells and Acts Complementary with NKp44 to Control IFNα Production. 95
Effector and regulatory events during natural killer-dendritic cell interactions 93
Influence of Vitamin D in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Nivolumab 93
Distinct gut-derived lactic acid bacteria elicit divergent dendritic cell-mediated NK cell responses 92
Cognate HLA absence in trans diminishes human NK cell education 92
Role of natural killer cells in the pathogenesis and progression of multiple sclerosis 89
Human natural killer cell function and their interactions with dentritic cells. 86
Morphological, phenotypic and karyotypic characterization of a novel natural-killer-cell target - evidence of involvement of MHC class-I molecules in NK cell recognition. 85
Targeting ctla-4 directly on melanoma cells: A possible novel perspective in the immunotherapy of cutaneous melanoma. 85
Amniotic fluid contains multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells with high proliferative potential and safety features: solid perspectives for clinical application 84
Update on natural killer cells: cross-talk with dendritic cells and role in the cure of acute myeloid leukemias. 79
NK cells at the interface between innate and adaptive immunity 79
Symptomatic carotid atherosclerotic plaques are associated with increased infiltration of natural killer (NK) cells and higher serum levels of NK activating receptor ligands 79
The anti-tumor activity of bacillus Calmette-Guerin in bladder cancer is associated with an increase in the circulating level of interleukin-2. 74
CTLA-4 is expressed by human monocyte-derived dendritic cells and regulates their functions. 73
Heterogeneity of the alpha-interferon-mediated overexpression of class-I and class-II major histocompatibility complex molecules in primary cultured cancer cells. 67
NK cells of human secondary lymphoid tissues enhance T cell polarization via IFN-gamma secretion 66
Natural Killer cells infiltrating human non-small cell lung cancer are enriched in CD56bright CD16- cells and display an impaired capability to kill tumor cells 66
Treatment of superficial bladder cancer with intravesical perfusion of rIL-2: a follow-up study. 64
The engagement of ctla-4 on primary melanoma cell lines induces antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity and tnf-alpha production. 59
Il recettore CTLA-4 è espresso dalle cellule dendritiche umane e ne regola le funzioni. 45
Association Between Response to Nivolumab Treatment and Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Subsets in Patients With Non-small Cell Lung Cancer 41
Myeloma cells induce the accumulation of activated CD94low NK cells by cell-to-cell contacts involving CD56 molecules 40
Cognate HLA absence diminishes human NK cell education in trans 39
Therapeutic Implications of Tumor Microenvironment in Lung Cancer: Focus on Immune Checkpoint Blockade 38
Vitamin D plasma level can affect nivolumab drug exposure in a cohort of patients with non-small-cell lung cancer 16
A think tank of TINK/TANKs: tumor-infiltrating/tumor-associated natural killer cells in tumor progression and angiogenesis 12
Adaptative immunotherapy of advanced solid tumors 12
Acquisition and presentation of tumor antigens by dendritic cells 11
Changes in plasma 5-HT levels and equine leukocyte SERT expression in response to treadmill exercise 10
Analysis of HLA-class-I specific natural killer cell receptors expressed on T lymphocytes infiltrating non-small-cell lung cancer 10
Crosstalk between ILC3s and Microbiota: Implications for Colon Cancer Development and Treatment with Immune Check Point Inhibitors 10
Chitosan/hyaluronan nanoparticles: a promising tool in cancer immunotherapy 9
Characterization and functional analysis of the human microRNA 363 in glioblastoma transfected cell lines 9
Biological parameters in breast cancer 9
Clinical drug response to thiopurines is associated with a lower interferon-γ production by IBD patient’s T lymphocytes 8
Drag cells in immunity: Plasmacytoid DCs dress up as cancer cells 8
Cytotoxic effects of high energy shock waves on cancer cells linked to metallic beads vehicled by monoclonal antibodies 8
Circulating ILC precursors expressing CD62L exhibit a type 2 signature distinctly decreased in psoriatic patients 8
Anti-SARS-CoV2 IgG are present in the amniotic fluid of both infected and vaccinated women at second trimester of pregnancy: a cohort study 8
Cross-dressing: an alternative mechanism for antigen presentation 8
Dendritic Cell-Based Immunotherapy of Cancer: Current Pitfalls and Challenges 7
On immunostimulants and dendritic cell activation 7
The proangiogenic phenotype of natural killer cells in patients with non-small cell lung cancer 7
Curcumin ameliorates the in vitro efficacy of carfilzomib in human multiple myeloma U266 cells targeting p53 and NF-kB pathways 7
Oxidative stress induces Wnt canonical/non-canonical pathways modulation in colon cancer cell models 7
Identification of Natural Killer Cells in Tissues and Their Isolation 7
Dendritic cells generated from CD34+ progenitor cells with flt3 ligand, c-kit ligand, GM-CSF, IL-4, and TNF-alpha are functional antigen-presenting cells resembling mature monocyte-derived dendritic cells 7
A multivariate analysis of Multiple Myeloma subtype plasma cells 7
Attenuated immune control of Epstein–Barr virus in humanized mice is associated with the multiple sclerosis risk factor HLA-DR15 7
Interactions between natural killer and dendritic cells during bacterial infections 6
FITC-labelled clone from phage display for direct detection of leukemia cells in blood 6
Divergent signaling pathways regulate IL-12 production induced by different species of Lactobacilli in human dendritic cells 6
Developmental properties of dendritic cell progenitors 6
The Yin and Yang of Innate Lymphoid Cells in Cancer 6
Mechanical bacterial lysate enhances antimicrobial barrier mechanisms in human airway epithelial cells 6
Isolation and Analysis of Human Natural Killer Cell Subsets 6
Expansion of natural killer cells in patients with head and neck cancer: Detection of "noninhibitory" (activating) killer Ig-like receptors on circulating natural killer cells 5
HLA Class I molecule expression is up-regulated during maturation of dendritic cells, protecting them from natural killer cell-mediated lysis 5
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