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Basal ganglia are active during motor performance recovery after a demanding motor task. 149
Cord cross-sectional area at foramen magnum as a correlate of disability in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 149
The long-term effect of AHSCT on MRI measures of MS evolution: a five-year follow-up study. 144
Effects of NMDA and non-NMDA receptors antagonists on the dynamic behavior of cultured cortical networks. 140
Real-time artifact filtering in continuous VEPs/fMRI recording. 140
Autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation with an intermediate intensity conditioning regimen in multiple sclerosis: the Italian multi-centre experience. 129
Selective impairments of motor sequence learning in multiple sclerosis patients with minimal disability 128
Adaptive vs. non-adaptive cognitive training by means of a personalized App: a randomized trial in people with multiple sclerosis 127
White matter lesions progression in migraine with aura: a clinical and MRI longitudinal study. 126
Upper limb motor training based on task-oriented exercises induces functional brain reorganization in patients with multiple sclerosis 126
Cortical cultures coupled to Micro-Electrode Arrays: a novel approach to perform in vitro excitotoxicity testing. 125
Multiple sclerosis: hyperintense dentate nucleus on unenhanced T1-weighted MR images is associated with the secondary progressive subtype 124
Magnetic resonance imaging as a potential surrogate for relapses in multiple sclerosis: a meta-analytic approach 123
Quantitative assessment of finger motor performance: Normative data 123
Spike Manager: a new tool for spontaneous and evoked neuronal networks activity characterization 121
An engineered glove for investigating the neural correlates of finger movements using functional magnetic resonance imaging 120
Autologous haematopoietic stem-cell transplantation in multiple sclerosis: benefits and risks 119
Recovery of motor performance deterioration induced by a demanding finger motor task does not follow cortical excitability dynamics. 119
Evaluation of handwriting movement kinematics: From an ecological to a magnetic resonance environment 119
Reversibility of brain lesions in a case of Neuro-Behçet's disease studied by MR diffusion. 118
Impairment in explicit visuomotor sequence learning is related to loss of microstructural integrity of the corpus callosum in multiple sclerosis patients with minimal disability. 118
Functional connectivity in the resting-state motor networks influences the kinematic processes during motor sequence learning 118
Functional magnetic resonance evidence of cortical alterations in a case of reversible congenital lymphedema of the lower limb: a pilot study 117
Frontal networks play a role in fatigue perception in multiple sclerosis. 117
Continuous involuntary hand movements and schizencephaly: epilepsia partialis continua or dystonia? 116
Cingulum bundle alterations underlie subjective fatigue in multiple sclerosis 116
A New App for At-Home Cognitive Training: Description and Pilot Testing on Patients with Multiple Sclerosis 116
Gadolinium-enhancing or active T2 magnetic resonance imaging lesions in multiple sclerosis clinical trials? 114
Diffusion MRI during migraine with aura attack associated with diagnostic microbubbles injection in subjects with large PFO 114
In vitro cortical neuronal networks as a new high-sensitive system for biosensing applications 112
Measurement of blood-brain barrier permeability with t1-weighted dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI in brain tumors: a comparative study with two different algorithms. 112
Surrogate endpoints for EDSS worsening in multiple sclerosis. A meta-analytic approach. 109
Subclinical motor impairment assessed with an engineered glove correlates with magnetic resonance imaging tissue damage in radiologically isolated syndrome 109
Magnetic resonance imaging in patients implanted with Ex-PRESS stainless steel glaucoma drainage microdevice 108
A review of technical aspects of T1-weighted dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) in human brain tumors 107
White matter reduced streamline coherence in young men with autism and mental retardation. 106
Modulating neural networks dynamics: Multi-site electrical stimulation of in-vitro cortical neurons coupled to MEA devices 105
Diagnostic Accuracy of Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 105
White matter lesions in migraine and right-to-left shunt: a conventional and diffusion MRI study. 104
The fatigue-motor performance paradox in multiple sclerosis 104
Quantitative assessment of finger motor impairment in multiple sclerosis. 104
The kinematics of handwriting movements as expression of cognitive and sensorimotor impairments in people with multiple sclerosis 104
Structural correlates of subjective and objective memory performance in multiple sclerosis 104
Upper limb motor rehabilitation impacts white matter microstructure in multiple sclerosis 103
Modulation of electrophysiological activity in neural networks: towards a bioartificial living system 102
Magnetic resonance imaging as surrogate for clinical endpoints in multiple sclerosis: data on novel oral drugs. 101
How much do periventricular lesions assist in distinguishing migraine with aura from CIS? 100
The postural disorientation induced by neck muscle vibration subsides on lightly touching a stationary surface or aiming at it 93
Brain activity pattern changes after adaptive working memory training in multiple sclerosis 93
Schizencephaly and movement disorders: fMRI study and comparison with previous cases 92
Effects of aging on finger movements in multiple sclerosis 90
Detection of motor cortex thinning and corticospinal tract involvement by quantitative MRI in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 89
Structural connectivity influences brain activation during PVSAT in Multiple Sclerosis 89
How people with multiple sclerosis cope with a sustained finger motor task: A behavioural and fMRI study 88
Structural integrity of callosal midbody influences intermanual transfer in a motor reaction-time task. 88
In vitro investigation of poor cerebrospinal fluid suppression on fluid-attenuated inversion recovery images in the presence of a gadolinium-based contrast agent 86
Electrophysiological activity modulation by chemical stimulation in networks of cortical neurons coupled to microelectrode arrays: a biosensor for neuropharmacological applications 82
A sensorized glove for quantitative assessment of finger motor performance during fMRI 80
Frontoparietal cortex and cerebellum contribution to the update of actual and mental motor performance during the day 80
Callosal contributions to simultaneous bimanual finger movements 79
123I-FP-CIT SPECT validation of nigro-putaminal MRI tractography in dementia with Lewy bodies 69
null 66
Burst on Hurst algorithm for detecting activity patterns in networks of cortical neurons 62
Finger motor performance as a new quantitative clinical endpoint in multiple sclerosis 59
The neural correlates of motor recovery after a demanding task in patients with multiple sclerosis 42
Subjective memory deficits in multiple sclerosis: structural correlates 37
The patients' perspective on the perceived difficulties of dual-tasking: development and validation of the Dual-task Impact on Daily-living Activities Questionnaire (DIDA-Q) 35
Additive and interaction effects of working memory and motor sequence training on brain functional connectivity 30
Asymmetric transcallosal conduction delay leads to finer bimanual coordination 24
Right Inferior Parietal Lobule Activity Is Associated With Handwriting Spontaneous Tempo 21
Don't plan, just do it: Cognitive and sensorimotor contributions to manual dexterity 14
Simultaneous Recording of fMRI end Visual Evoked Potenatials to Study Optic Neuritis in Multiple Sclerosis 14
Time-of-day influences resting-state functional cortical connectivity 10
Effectiveness and safety of dupilumab in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps and associated comorbidities: a multicentric prospective study in real life 9
The hand motor hotspot for seed-based functional connectivity of hand motor networks at rest 6
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