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Sliding mode multilevel control for improved performances in power conditioning systems 117
Analysis of PWM techniques using uniform sampling in variable-speed electrical drives with large speed range 115
Analysis and synthesis of ac static power controllers 115
PWM strategies for in­verter-fed asynchronous motors with a wide range of variable speed 111
Analysis and modelling of the Auxiliary Quasi-Resonant DC Link Inverter applied to ac electric vehicle drives 108
PWM systems in power converters: an extension of the sub-harmonic method 101
A low cost microcontroller based system for high performance AC motor drives development 101
Finite difference and finite element grid optimization by the grid iteration method 98
Finite difference and finite element discretization procedures with improved continuity of interpolation functions 97
A simplified control strategy for inverter-fed in­duc­tion motors oriented to electric traction applica­tion: design and realiza­tion 97
Induction motor control system optimization by fuzzy logic 94
Static conversion systems for remote rural communities coupled to solar and wind generators 94
A modular approach to converter design for high power AC drives 79
Power conditioning system using sliding mode control 77
A new control strategy for medium-voltage asynchronous drives with NPC-GTO inverters 77
Fuzzy optimization of the transient behaviour of a power conditioning system 74
Estimation of losses in static power converters via computer simulation: preliminary results 73
Digital sim­ulation of a high-dynamics brushless motor drive for robotic ap­plications 72
Improving the performance of ac/dc converters with high frequency AC chop­per control 71
A fuzzy algorithm for the antiskidding control in locomotives using AC drives 70
Impact of a fuzzy approach on the wheel-rail slip control in locomotives with AC drives 70
A new power VDMOS model, implemented in SPICE and oriented toward the design of electronic power converters 68
Optimised fuzzy algorithm to control adhesion conditions during starting in AC drives for traction applications 67
Macro­modeling of power bipolar transistor using SPICE 65
Accurate power diode model for general purpose digital simulation 65
A low EM noise emission ac drive for electric vehicle applications 64
Analysis and design of electric traction systems: performing digital sim­ulation by EMTP 63
Variable structure control system applied to multilevel power conditioning converters 63
Computer simulation and experimental results of Elec­trical Drives for Dual-Mode Bus 63
An accurate circuital model of high voltage LDMOSs for switching applications 59
Real and reactive power control using a VSS controlled inverter in photovoltaic applications 56
Sistemi propulsivi in corrente alternata ad elevata dinamica di risposta: differenti modalita' di approccio 39
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