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Dynamic performances of AC drives fed from power transistor-thyristor inverters 129
Influence of traffic composition on the capacity of mixed.traffic railway lines. RAIL ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL 128
A quantitative approach to risk management in critical infrastructures 114
Rectifier Dynamic Mod­els for Short-Circuit Transient Analysis in DC Metrorail Sys­tems 113
Analysis of PWM techniques using uniform sampling in variable-speed electrical drives with large speed range 111
Modelling for electromagnetic interference assessment in electric railway traction systems 110
A new multilevel PWM method: a theoretical analysis 108
Analysis and synthesis of ac static power controllers 105
Theoretical and experimental study of the two-harmonic reluctance machine, a new class of variable speed device 105
A new multilevel PWM method: a theoretical analysis 104
A new PWM control sys­tem for UPS using hysteresis com­pa­rator 104
Voltage regulation of AC/DC converters for railway applications: a comparison among control strategies 103
PWM strategies for in­verter-fed asynchronous motors with a wide range of variable speed 101
Technologies to support of the railway circulation in emergency conditions 98
Prospects of boating in Italy 96
PWM systems in power converters: an extension of the sub-harmonic method 94
A simplified control strategy for inverter-fed in­duc­tion motors oriented to electric traction applica­tion: design and realiza­tion 89
Transformers parameters sensitivity of short circuit phenomena in dc metrorail systems 89
A serious game architecture for green mobility 86
Il Porto di Genova. La dimensione urbana conflittuale. Le condizioni per risolvere e per costruire scenari ecoterritoriali 84
Static conversion systems for remote rural communities coupled to solar and wind generators 84
Digital simulation of AC electrical drives based on field-oriented control method using a general purpose program 82
Impact of high power semiconductor devices technological development on the next generation of locomotives 80
The two-harmonic reluctance motor: an introduction to a new kind of variable-speed device 79
Evaluation of interport performances: a state automaton approach 79
Use of frequency dependent track models in traction systems simulation 79
High power factor control system in multilevel converters for AC heavy traction drives 79
Accurate track modelling for fault current studies in third rail metro railways 79
A smart mobility serious game concept and business development study 78
High computational power and great interfacing capability for electric drives control: a new surface-mount DSP based system 76
EMC issues in electric railway traction systems 75
A software tool for optimised maintenance of electric locomotives 75
Safety and Security in Railway Engineering 74
A quantitative approach to risk management in Critical Infracstructures 73
A frequency domain model for 3kV DC side resonance identification 72
A modular approach to converter design for high power AC drives 71
Active power filter for traction line harmonic reduction 70
A static hy­brid converter for road electric vehicles 68
Structure and control of electronic power converters for optimized load sharing in underground railway substations 68
A new brushless excitation device for inverter-fed synchronous motors with variable frequency and voltage 67
Competitiveness of Trolley-bus in Urban Transport 66
Various solutions for electric load compensation using energy storage systems controlled by ac/dc converters 66
Advanced computer simulation for analysis and design of electrified transportation systems: electric plants and drives 66
Estimation of losses in static power converters via computer simulation: preliminary results 66
CWR Continuous Monitoring Systems: Risk Reduction and Economic Benefits 66
Computer System Design and Operation in Railways and Other Transit Sistems 65
Computer System Design and Operation in Railways and Other Mass Transit System 65
Transport, safety & security: Priorità per governare il mondo dei trasporrti 65
Fundamental aspects of linear induction motor drives control 65
Modelling and simulation of frequency dependent track impedance and admittance in electric rail traction systems 65
Port Development vs. Technological development: the challenge of keeping the pace 64
A new approach to optimise interport performance 63
modelling for the prediction of interference between power and signalling currents in railway traction systems 63
Control strategies for electric traction AC drives directly fed through 3 kV overhead 63
Different excitation systems for inverter-fed synchronous motors with variable speed 62
Various solutions for electric load compensation using energy storage systems controlled by ac/dc converters 62
Optimized design of air-core inductors for applications in power electronics 62
RFI-NET (Nuovo Esercitatore di Traffico) Un simulatore di traffico per la valutazione delle potenzialità del traffico ferroviario in nodi complessi con sistemi di distanziamento sovrapposti 62
I Porti: vincoli ed opportunità – I Porti Città 61
Improving the performance of ac/dc converters with high frequency AC chop­per control 61
Digital sim­ulation of a high-dynamics brushless motor drive for robotic ap­plications 61
Study and design of a low cost system to estimate vehicle battery autonomy 61
Improving AC line cur­rent and power factor using converters controlled by a generalized PWM method 60
Modelling and simulation of supply current interference in traction systems arising from multilevel converters in high power locomotives drives 60
The impact of a new high speed railway system on the human environment 59
A new power VDMOS model, implemented in SPICE and oriented toward the design of electronic power converters 59
Energy storage systems for electric power networks 58
AC chopper regulation using power transistors 58
Evolution of Railways liberalisation in the European Community 58
Application of the European standards to the Local Public Transport (LPT). 57
The role of the Notified Body in the process liberalization 56
How railways can become the framework of European Transport Sytem.4th World Congress on Railway Research, Firenze, November 16-19, 1997 55
Computer simulation and experimental results of Elec­trical Drives for Dual-Mode Bus 55
null 55
Macro­modeling of power bipolar transistor using SPICE 54
Azionamenti in corrente alternata alimentati direttamente da linea di contatto a 3 kV 54
A non-industred operating robot: the drive system 53
Convertitore a GTO per gruppi statici di continuita' 53
Cornigliano e la funzione logistica 52
A high performance DSP based system for ro­botics drives 52
Simulation based calibration of analytical models for line traffic capacity 52
Active power filter for harmonic reduction in traction line 51
A new scalar and a field-oriented control method in low-dynamics AC drives 51
Comparison between high power VSI structures for real and reactive power control 51
Dalla parte dell’impresa 50
Interport modelling with state automata 50
L’italia e il gap nella logistica 49
Optimum design of a Power Transistor In­vert­er controlled by PWM technique 49
Real and reactive power operation domain analysis for electronically controlled SMES 49
Transport accessibility and port competitiveness: the case of Savona -Vado. 49
Metodologie e modelli per lo studio e la progettazione di tecniche di controllo in azionamenti per locomotrici 48
Safety improvement in railway using the RIMON system 48
Object oriented programming in railway traffic simulation for supervision and training 47
Il Mediterraneo è una rendita 46
Il ruolo della certificazione di sicurezza all'interno del settore dei trasporti 46
Power demand levelling in light rail transit systems 45
Liberi? Forse 44
Evoluzione e attuazione della liberalizzazione del trasporto pubblico 44
Optimum strategy for traffic management in a light rail transit system during power supply faults 44
Innovative technologies supporting the driving crew in degraded running conditins 44
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