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The Ligurian sea: present status, problems and perspectives 155
Mortality of commercial sponges: incidence in two Mediterranean areas 132
Tipologie di impianto modulare per la spongicoltura subacquea anche in policoltura U.S.A.M.A. (Underwater Sponge Aquacolture Modular System). 131
Effects of Agelas oroides and Petrosia ficiformis crude extracts on human neuroblastoma cell survival 125
Sterol composition of marine Sponges Stryphnus mucronatus and Reniera sarai 122
Adaptive strategies of sponges in inland waters 119
Didiscus spinoxeatus a new species of Porifera (Demospongiae) from the Mediterranean Sea. 118
Suborder Spongillina subord. nov.: Freshwater Sponges 115
Distribution of benthic phyto and zoocoenoses along a light gradient in a superficial marine cave. 113
An overview of the Mediterranean cave-dwelling horny sponges (Porifera, Demospongiae) 111
Ultrastructural evidence of bacterial damage to Spongia officinalis fibres (Porifera, Demospongiae). 107
Horny sponges from the north-eastern coast of Papua New Guinea, Bismark Sea. 106
Cacospongionolide B, a new sesterterpene from the sponge Fasciospongia cavernosa. 104
Sponges from African inland waters: the genus Eunapius (Haplosclerida, Spongillina, Spongillidae). 102
Global diversity of sponges (Porifera: Spongillina) in freshwater. 101
The other side of rarity: recent habitat expansion and increased abundance of the horny sponge Ircinia retidermata (Demospongiae: Dictyoceratida) in the southeast Aegean 99
Sustainable production of biologically active molecules of marine based origin 98
Long-term dynamics of a freshwater sponge population 96
Commercial sponge fishing in Libya: Historical records, present status and perspectives 96
Biodiversity in South East Asia: An overview of freshwater sponges (Porifera: Demospongiae: Spongillina) 96
Morphological and structural variations in Clathrina clathrus (Porifera, Calcispongiae). 95
Life cycle of Spongilla lacustris (Porifera, Spongillidae): a cue for environment-dependent phenotype. 86
Long-term photographic records from the artificial reefs of Monaco (1980-1985). 85
Characterisation and antimicrobial activity of epibiotic bacteria from Petrosia ficiformis (Porifera, Demospongiae). 84
Mediterranean sponges from shallow subtidal rocky reefs: Cystoseira canopy vs barren grounds 84
In situ observations on burrowing and diel activity of Halcampoides purpurea (Studer) (Cnidaria, Anthozoa) in a marine cave 83
Fauna associated with the horny sponge Anomoianthella lamella Pulitzer-Finali & Pronzato, 1999 (Ianthellidae, Demospongiae) from Papua-New Guinea. 82
Zonation of photophilous sponges related to water movement in reef biotopes of Obhor Creek (Red Sea) 82
Epibiontic sponges on the bivalve Pinna nobilis 82
Commercial sponges farming as natural control of floating cages pollution 81
Mini-Review. Steroids in Porifera. Sterols from fresh-waters sponges Ephydatia fluviatilis and Spongilla lacustris. 80
Body polarity and mineral selectivity in the demosponge Chondrosia reniformis 80
Finding of Geodia (Demospongiae) sterrasters in the Upper Miocene of Cappella Montei (Alessandria)and comparison with living forms 79
Mediterranean Horny Sponges: how to drivea neverending story of exploitationtoward a sustainable management and conservation. In: Manuel Esteban Lucas-Borja (Ed.), Endangered Species: Habitat, Protection and Ecological Significance. Nova Science Publisher, N.Y. (USA). 79
Preliminary analysis on the bioactivity of Salvia spp. exudates on marine model organisms 78
null 78
African freshwarter sponges: Makedia tanensis n.g. n.sp. from lake Tana, Ethiopia. 77
null 76
Class Calcarea 76
null 75
A novel C12 Terpene Lectone from the sponge Fasciospongia cavernosa. 74
A method for semiquantitative samplings of the sessile epifauna of the Posidonia oceanica beds. 74
Suborder Spongillina (freshwater sponges) 74
Biorhythm and environmental control in the life history of Ephydatia fluviatilis (Demospongiae, Spongillidae). 73
The taxonomic status of Ircinia fasciculata, Ircinia felix, and Ircinia variabilis (Dictyoceratida, Irciniidae). 73
An approach to the study of the benthic fauna of some marine caves along the Penisola Sorrentina (Naples, Italy). 73
-Delta 5-7 sterols from the sponges Ircinia pipetta and Dysidea avara. Identification of Cholesta -5,7,24- trien- 3B- OL. 72
Colonization, life cycle and competition in a freshwater sponge association. 72
A new octaprenylhydroquinone from Sarcotragus spinosulus 72
Mariculture for bacterial and organic waste removal: a field study of sponge filtering activity in experimental farming. 71
Biodiversity assessment in Western Mediterranean marine protected areas (MPAs): Porifera of Posidonia oceanica meadows (Asinara Island MPA) and marine caves (Capo Caccia–Isola Piana MPA) of Sardinia 71
Rediscovery of the type material of Spongilla lacustris (L.,1759) from the Linnean Herbarium. 69
Class Demospongiae. Orders Dendroceratida, Dictyoceratida, Verongida, Halisarcida. 68
Distribution and ecology of epiphytic Porifera in two Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile meadows of the Ligurian and Thyrrenian Sea 67
2007 Bacteria with antimicrobial properties from the Mediterranean sponges Chondrilla nucula and Petrosia ficiformis. 67
A climber sponge 67
Mediterranean commercial sponges: over 5000 years of natural history and cultural heritage (Review). 66
Hard bottoms. 66
Underwater photographic techniques for field-research in shallow marine environments. 65
Life history of Ephydatia fluviatilis: a model for adaptive strategies in discontinuous habitats. 65
Spicular characters in fossil and living species of mediterranean Geodia 64
Spongillids of Mediterranean Islands 63
New Ostreopsis species record along Cyprus coast: toxic effect and preliminary characterization of chemical-molecular aspects 63
Sponges of Posidonia oceanica meadows (Sardinia, W-Mediterranean Sea) 63
Etude des Spongiaires des substrats artificiels immerges durant quatre ans. 60
Analisi di un popolamento bentonico di falesia del Promontorio di Portofino: dati preliminari. 60
Organizational plasticity as a successful conservative tactics in sponges 60
The sponge fauna associated with Arca noe (Mollusca, Bivalvia) 59
Atlas of African freshwater sponges. 57
Morphotypes of Spongia officinalis (Demospongiae, Dictyoceratida) in two Mediterranean populations. 55
Observations on the dynamics of a Mediterranean sponge Community 55
Resting stages of Corvospongilla sp. (Demospongiae, Spongillidae) from mesopotamia, Iraq. 55
Two new species of Dendroxea Griessinger (Porifera Demospongiae) from the Mediterranean Sea. 54
Porifera I. Calcarea, Demospongiae (partim), Hexactinellida, Homoscleromorpha. 53
New 8(14)-3,7-Dihydrixysterols from the marine sponge Pellina semitubulosa. 53
Sponge Science in the New Millennium 53
The genus Corvospongilla Annandale (Haplosclerida, Spongillina, Spongillidae) with description of new species from eastern Mesopotamia, Iraq 52
Prime osservazioni sulle barriere artificiali della riserva sottomarina di Monaco. 52
Keratose‐dominated sponge grounds from temperate mesophotic ecosystems (NW Mediterranean Sea) 52
Sponge fishing, disease and disease and farming in the Mediterranean sea 51
Freshwater sponges of the West Indies: Discovery of Spongillidae (Haplosclerida, Spongillina) from Cuba with biogeographic notes and checklist for the Carribean area. 51
Valutazione dello stato di alcune praterie di Posidonia del mare ligure sottoposte a diverse condizioni di inquinamento. 48
Long-term turnover of the sponge fauna in Faro Lake (North-East Sicily, Mediterranean Sea) 48
Ultrastructural observations of the reaction of Chondrilla nucula (Porifera, Demospongiae) to bacterial invasion during degenerative processes. 47
Sistemi naturali di biofiltrazione, di produzione e di emissione di antifouling naturali a base di spugne per l’abbattimento dell’inquinamento organico e inorganico in ambienti portuali, porti canale, ambienti lagunari, impianti di acquicoltura e industriali. SAFEAQUAPLAN (Sponges as Active FiltErfiders against AQUAtic organic and inorganic Pollution in harbours Lagoons, Aquaculture and iNdustrial plants 44
Zoobenthos di substrato duro delle isole di Capraia e del Giglio (Arcipelago Toscano). 41
Spugne di praterie di Posidonia oceanica
in due aree marine protette (Mar di Sardegna) 40
Etude du benthos sur les structures immergées dans la Réserve de Monaco. 38
Estimation par relèvements photographiques de la distribution de spongiaires et bryozoaires dans une grotte sous-marine du Golfe de Naples. 37
Area minima di campionamento per alcune componenti dello zoobenthos fisso di substrato duro. 37
Emploi des relèvements photographiques dans l'étude de l'évolution des biocoenoses de substrat dur naturel. 37
Mediterranean commercial spopnges: cultural heritage and perspectives 36
Esperienze di studio in immersione dello zoobenthos sessile. 35
Ricerche sull'insediamento dello zoobenthos in alcune grotte marine della Penisola Sorrentina. 35
Morpho-functional adaptations of three species of Spongia (Porifera, Demospongiae) from a Mediterranean cliff. 35
Sistema naturaledi biorimediazione integrato, o sostitutivo degli impianti, per la stabulazione dei molluschi. 32
Mediterranean Cystoseira forests vs. barren: the case of sponges. 32
Premières observations sur la distribution des biocénoses littorales de substrat dur de l'île de Capraia (Archipel Toscan) par deux méthodes de relevé en plongée. 30
A survey of the shallow water sponge fauna of the Cyprus island (Eastern-Mediterranean) 27
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