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Antagonistic modulation of gliomagenesis by Pax6 and Olig2 in PDGF-induced oligodendroglioma. 140
In vivo PC3 overexpression by retroviral vector affects cell differentiation of rat cortical precursors. 138
Six3 Controls the Neural Progenitor Status in the Murine CNS. 132
A cadherin switch underlies malignancy in high-grade gliomas. 129
Replication-competent Herpes Simplex Virus Retargeted to HER2 as Therapy for High-grade Glioma. 128
Noninvasive Monitoring of Glioma Growth in the Mouse 126
PDGF-B induces a homogeneous class of oligodendrogliomas from embryonic neural progenitors 125
Radial glia - from boring cables to stem cell stars. 119
PDGF-B-driven gliomagenesis can occur in the absence of the proteoglycan NG2. 119
Characterization of a cloned xenopus laevis serotonin 5-HT1A receptor expressed in the NIH-3T3 cell line. 118
Sox2 is required to maintain cancer stem cells in a mouse model of high-grade oligodendroglioma. 114
Emx2 promotes symmetric cell divisions and a multipotential fate in precursors from the cerebral cortex 112
Self-assembled pH-Sensitive Fluoro-Magnetic Nanotubes as Archetype System for Multimodal Imaging of Brain Cancer 112
Glial cells generate neurons: The role of the transcription factor Pax6. 109
Progression from low-to high-grade in a glioblastoma model reveals the pivotal role of immunoediting 109
A murine model for virotherapy of malignant brain tumors 107
Prospective isolation of functionally distinct radial glial subtypes-lineage and transcriptome analysis 107
Guidelines for retroviral basded clonal analysis 105
Preclinical studies identify novel targeted pharmacological strategies for treatment of human malignant pleural mesothelioma 105
Role of Ng2 and Olig2 in PDGF-B induced mouse oligodendroglioma model 103
Cdh4 Down-Regulation Impairs in Vivo Infiltration and Malignancy in Patients Derived Glioblastoma Cells 102
Eradication of glioblastoma by immuno-virotherapy with a retargeted oncolytic HSV in a preclinical model 101
TRIM8-driven transcriptomic profile of neural stem cells identified glioma-related nodal genes and pathways 99
Sox2 silencing in glioblastoma tumor initiating cells causes stop of proliferation and loss of tumorigenicity 96
A murine model for virotherapy of malignant brain tumors 95
null 95
Radial glia and neural stem cells 93
Recent Insights into PDGF-Induced Gliomagenesis. 92
Efficacy of HER2 retargeted herpes simplex virus as therapy for high-grade glioma in immunocompetent mice. 92
A Novel Collection of snRNA-Like Promoters with Tissue-Specific Transcription Properties 92
Neurogenic potential of human mesenchymal stem cells revisited: analysis by immunostaining, time-lapse video and microarray. 89
Six3 and Geminin roles in regulating telencephalic neural progenitor cells proliferation and differenzation 89
Tumor progression and oncogene addiction in a PDGF-B-induced model of gliomagenesis 89
HSV as A Platform for the Generation of Retargeted, Armed, and Reporter-Expressing Oncolytic Viruses 88
Analysis of neuronal differentiation through miRNA against Pax6 in mouse brain. 87
Platelet derived growth factor B gene expression in the Xenopus laevis developing central nervous system 87
PC3 overexpression affects the pattern of cell division of rat cortical precursors. 87
Radial glial cells as neuronal precursors: a new perspective on the correlation of morphology and lineage restriction in the developing cerebral cortex of mice. 86
Glioma generation and progression dynamics in a PDGF-induced mouse model 86
In vivo screening of glioma inducing genes 86
The progeny of radial glial cells in the cerebral cortex analyzed by fluorescent-activated cell sorting 85
PDGF-B addiction in a murine model of oligodendroglioma 84
Neurogenic potential of human bone marrow stromal cells revised 83
Analysis of tumor-suppressor activity of Pax6 in PDGF-B induced mouse gliomas 80
Early role of neurotransmitters: Serotonin as possible neurotrophic factor in the development of CNS 79
Isolation of radial glial cells by fluorescent-activated cell sorting reveals a neuronal lineage. 77
αvβ3-integrin regulates PD-L1 expression and is involved in cancer immune evasion 77
Polycomb dysregulation in gliomagenesis targets a Zfp423-dependent differentiation network 76
PDGF-B induced mouse oligodendroglioma as a model for brain tumor development and progression 74
Cell-autonomous and non cell-autonomous roles of PDGF in gliomagenesis; testing recruited cell tumorigenic potential. 73
Chloride intracellular channel 1 activity is not required for glioblastoma development but its inhibition dictates glioma stem cell responsivity to novel biguanide derivatives 73
Olig2 controls the tumorigenic potential of PDGF-B-induced oligodendrogliomas 72
Role of Six3 on neural progenitors proliferation and differentiation 70
Screening of genes involved in glioma formation 69
Generation of neurons from glial cells: the role of Pax6 68
A library of engineered microRNA to find new tumor suppressors genes involved in glioblastoma formation. 68
Generation of Neurons from glial cells: the role of Pax6 68
I ribozimi naturali 66
In vivo screening of glioma inducing genes 66
The progeny of radial glial cells of the cerebral cortex analyzed by fluorescent-activated cell sorting. 66
Experimental Models of Glioma 64
PC3 overexpression affects the pattern of cell division of rat cortical precursors. 63
Glioblastoma models driven by different mutations converge to the proneural subtype 62
Saggio mediante RT-PCR quantitativa per l'attività catalitica in vivo del ribozima di tritone 61
Characterization of human XTP1 and SDP35 genes: a new class of RhoGAP proteins? 61
Neuronal or glial progeny: regional differences in radial glia fate. 60
Glial cells generate neurons: cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurogenesis 60
Caratterizzazione del recettore serotoninergico di xenopus laevis X-5HT1A 56
Comprehensive profiling of secretome formulations from fetal-and perinatal human amniotic fluid stem cells 56
Uso dei vettori retrovirali nello studio della neurogenesi del ratto 54
Dissecting the effects of preconditioning with inflammatory cytokines and hypoxia on the angiogenic potential of mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC)-derived soluble proteins and extracellular vesicles (EVs) 54
PC3 gene expression affects cell proliferation in primary cell cultures of rat cerebral cortex 53
Sviluppo di una tecnica di saggio basata sulla RT-PCR per l'attività catalitica in vivo del ribozima di tritone 53
Role of Six3 in the control of proliferation and differentiation of neural progenitor cells 53
Immunoescape during glioma progression 46
Common features between EGFRVIII and Pdgf-b induced gliomas models. 45
Modeling immunoediting in glioma progression 45
Separation of neuronal and glial cns precursor cells and their molecular analysis 44
Live monitoring glioma virotherapy 38
Stem-like signatures in human meningioma cells are under the control of CXCL11/CXCL12 chemokine activity 35
Tracking glioma progression by genetic barcoding 35
Sox2-dependent maintenance of mouse oligodendroglioma involves the Sox2-mediated downregulation of Cdkn2b, Ebf1, Zfp423, and Hey2 35
Specificity, safety, efficacy of egfrviii-retargeted oncolytic hsv for xenotransplanted human glioblastoma 35
modeling immunoediting in glioma progression 34
A eutherian-specific microRNA controls the translation of Satb2 in a model of cortical differentiation 31
Early clonal extinction in glioblastoma progression revealed by genetic barcoding 22
Role of Btg2 in the Progression of a PDGF-Induced Oligodendroglioma Model 18
TRIM8 interacts with KIF11 and KIFC1 and controls bipolar spindle formation and chromosomal stability 18
D-aspartate oxidase gene duplication induces social recognition memory deficit in mice and intellectual disabilities in humans 17
Investigating the Paracrine Role of Perinatal Derivatives: Human Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell-Extracellular Vesicles Show Promising Transient Potential for Cardiomyocyte Renewal 15
Genome-wide profiling of patient-derived glioblastoma stem-like cells reveals recurrent genetic and transcriptomic signatures associated with brain tumors 3
αvβ3-integrin regulates PD-L1 expression and is involved in cancer immune evasion 1
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