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Analysis techniques for the evaluation of the neutrinoless double- β decay lifetime in Te 130 with the CUORE-0 detector, file e268c4cb-76f1-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 110
The projected background for the CUORE experiment, file e268c4cd-1c64-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 82
Result on the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Search of 82Se with the CUPID-0 Experiment, file e268c4cb-6731-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 71
CUPID-0: cryogenic calorimeters with light and heat read-out for 0νβ β searches, file e268c4cb-866d-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 70
Results from the cuore experiment, file e268c4cb-39ec-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 66
Simultaneous precision spectroscopy of pp, Be 7, and pep solar neutrinos with Borexino Phase-II, file e268c4cb-1f4c-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 61
Results from the CUORE experiment, file e268c4cb-78d3-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 59
CUORE sensitivity to o 0νββ decay, file e268c4cb-0268-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 58
Searching for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay of130Te with CUORE, file e268c4cb-143b-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 55
Double beta decay search with CUPID-0: Results and Perspectives, file e268c4cb-afca-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 54
Coherent elastic nuclear scattering of 51 Cr neutrinos, file e268c4cb-4544-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 52
Background model of the CUPID-0 experiment, file e268c4cb-12f7-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 51
Analysis of cryogenic calorimeters with light and heat read-out for double beta decay searches, file e268c4cb-6ce7-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 46
Measurement of the two-neutrino double-beta decay half-life of 130 Te with the CUORE-0 experiment, file e268c4cb-ae11-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 44
The commissioning of the CUORE experiment: the mini-tower run, file e268c4cb-fe69-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 44
Limiting neutrino magnetic moments with Borexino Phase-II solar neutrino data, file e268c4cb-04ca-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 43
Low energy analysis techniques for CUORE, file e268c4cb-ae0f-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 43
CUPID-0: the first array of enriched scintillating bolometers for 0νββ investigations, file e268c4cb-04bd-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 41
Search of the neutrino-less double beta decay of 82 Se into the excited states of 82 Kr with CUPID-0, file e268c4cb-04c7-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 41
Double-beta decay of 130Te to the first 0 + excited state of 130Xe with CUORE-0, file e268c4cb-454b-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 41
First array of enriched Zn 82 Se bolometers to search for double beta decay, file e268c4cb-220e-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 30
Comprehensive measurement of pp-chain solar neutrinos, file e268c4ce-d1a4-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 22
Results from the CUORE experiment, file e268c4cb-78cf-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 8
First Directional Measurement of Sub-MeV Solar Neutrinos with Borexino, file e268c4ce-9320-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 7
Results from the CUORE experiment, file e268c4cb-84a8-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 5
Directional dark matter detection sensitivity of a two-phase liquid argon detector, file e268c4cb-6a25-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
A white paper on keV sterile neutrino dark matter, file e268c4ce-d218-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 3
130Te neutrinoless double-beta decay with CUORICINO, file e268c4c6-c09d-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
CUPID-0, challenges and achievements in the struggle of 0-background double-beta decay experiments, file e268c4cb-27b6-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
A white paper on keV sterile neutrino dark matter, file e268c4cb-322e-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
A data acquisition and control system for large mass bolometer arrays, file e268c4cb-33f9-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
The Monte Carlo simulation of the Borexino detector, file e268c4cb-36fc-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Measurement of the ion fraction and mobility of 218Po produced in 222Rn decays in liquid argon, file e268c4cb-391a-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
CUORE: The first bolometric experiment at the ton scale for rare decay searches, file e268c4cb-3abe-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Front-end electronic system for large area photomultipliers readout, file e268c4cb-3ac4-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Search for neutrinoless β+ EC decay of Te 120 with CUORE-0, file e268c4cb-3df3-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
The projected background for the CUORE experiment, file e268c4cb-43f2-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Low-mass dark matter search with the DarkSide-50 experiment, file e268c4cb-6949-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Experimental evidence of neutrinos produced in the CNO fusion cycle in the Sun, file e268c4cd-9fa6-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Solar neutrino results and future prospects with the Borexino detector, file e268c4ce-34f7-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 2
Borexino's search for low-energy neutrino and antineutrino signals correlated with gamma-ray bursts, file e268c4cb-0264-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Electroluminescence pulse shape and electron diffusion in liquid argon measured in a dual-phase TPC, file e268c4cb-0572-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
DarkSide-20k: A 20 tonne two-phase LAr TPC for direct dark matter detection at LNGS, file e268c4cb-1713-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Modulations of the cosmic muon signal in ten years of Borexino data, file e268c4cb-1d41-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Test of Electric Charge Conservation with Borexino, file e268c4cb-2215-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Search for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay of Te 130 with CUORE-0, file e268c4cb-2f00-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Spectroscopy of geoneutrinos from 2056 days of Borexino data, file e268c4cb-3234-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
null, file e268c4cb-341f-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
DarkSide-50 532-day dark matter search with low-radioactivity argon, file e268c4cb-39ef-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Final Result of CUPID-0 Phase-I in the Search for the Se 82 Neutrinoless Double- β Decay, file e268c4cb-3a5d-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
First results from the DarkSide-50 dark matter experiment at Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, file e268c4cb-45cb-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
A calorimeter for the precise determination of the activity of the 144Ce-144Pr anti-neutrino source in the SOX experiment, file e268c4cb-51c7-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
First search for Lorentz violation in double beta decay with scintillating calorimeters, file e268c4cb-59aa-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Constraints on Sub-GeV Dark-Matter-Electron Scattering from the DarkSide-50 Experiment, file e268c4cb-6941-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Comprehensive measurement of pp-chain solar neutrinos, file e268c4cb-694b-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
First results from CUORE: A search for lepton number violation via 0νββ decay of130Te, file e268c4cb-6b01-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
First result on the neutrinoless double-β decay of 82se with CUPID-0, file e268c4cb-6b06-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
CUORE-0 detector: Design, construction and operation, file e268c4cb-76ef-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
DarkSide-20k: A 20 tonne two-phase LAr TPC for direct dark matter detection at LNGS, file e268c4cc-7af2-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Search for neutrinoless double beta decay of 64 Zn and 70 Zn with CUPID-0, file e268c4cd-5461-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Long-baseline neutrino oscillation physics potential of the DUNE experiment: DUNE Collaboration, file e268c4cd-77da-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Neutrino interaction classification with a convolutional neural network in the DUNE far detector, file e268c4cd-865e-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
Sensitivity to neutrinos from the solar CNO cycle in Borexino, file e268c4cd-8661-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
New Era for CP Asymmetries - Axions and Rare decays of Hadrons and Leptons, file e268c4cd-eb19-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
The Monte Carlo simulation of the Borexino detector, file e268c4ce-6299-a6b7-e053-3a05fe0adea1 1
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