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" A new storage scheme for an efficient implementation of the sparse matrix- vector product" 147
"A 2D finite element procedure for magnetic analysis involving non-linear and hysteretic materials" 133
Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing of a SOFC system for distributed power generation 133
An Improved Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Channel Allocation Problem in cellular networks 132
A two-step procedure for the energy management in smart microgrids accounting for economical and power quality issues 129
"A flexible environment for an efficient exploitation of vector features in electric and magnetic analysis" 128
"A statistical analysis of the AC dielectric strength of liquid nitrogen with IEC spherical electrodes under controlled conditions" 120
Technique for computing the response of a line of finite length excited by high frequency electromagnetic fields 118
An awareness based approach to sustainability: Agent-Based Modeling for decision making in energy policies 118
"Towards an environment for the integration of analysis and design" 117
Techniques for the automatic optimisation of active shields 116
A statistical investigation of the breakdown strength of liquid helium with IEC and cylindrical electrodes 116
Numerical computation of fields in electrostatic devices: experience and applications 116
Mesh adaptation in finite element analysis of 2D steady state time harmonic eddy current problems 115
An enhanced error estimator procedure for finite element field computation with adaptive mesh refinement 115
Comparison between analytical and numerical simulations of LF shielding efficiency 114
Modular small-CHP plants optimized design as a way to reduce CO2 emissions 113
"Adaptive FEM in 3D non- linear magnetostatics" 112
Theoretical and experimental study of the two-harmonic reluctance machine, a new class of variable speed device 110
"An evaluation of speedup in conjugate gradient routines with a mathematical vector library" 109
Equivalent Source Methods for 3D Force Calculation with Nodal and Mixed FEM in Magnetostatic Problems 108
Quasi static optimized management of a multinode CHP plant 108
A computer approach to the non linear hysteretic problem of electromagnetic field computation in hard superconductors for loss evaluation 107
Non linear magnetostatic adaption using a "Local Field Error" approach 106
Electromagnetic plane wave scattering from building surfaces 104
Error estimation and adaptive meshing in 3D electrostatic and magnetostatic problems 103
An identification procedure for lightning return strokes 103
The versatility of a multiformulational approach in the solution of electromagnetic field problems 102
Equivalent sources methods for the numerical evaluation of magnetic force with extension to non-linear materials 101
First results of computer aided identification of model parameters for field-enhanced impurity motion in dielectric liquids 101
A comparison of adaptive strategies for mesh refinement based on ‘A Posteriori’ local error estimation procedures 101
Time-harmonic mesh adaption with error estimate based on the "Local Field Error" approach 100
Finite difference and finite element grid optimization by the grid iteration method 100
Finite difference and finite element discretization procedures with improved continuity of interpolation functions 98
Effect of streamer shape and dimensions on local electric field conditions 98
Mesh adaption and optimization techniques in magnet design 97
"Refinement strategies in adaptive meshing" 95
"Finite element modelling of charged beams" 95
A package for computer aided design for power electrical engineering 95
Rational approximation for the time domain implementation of Cooray-Rubinstein formula 95
A field-based inverse algorithm for the identification of different height lightning return strokes 93
Regularization techniques for the high-frequency electromagnetic field coupling problem with terminated lines 93
Mesh adaption and optimization techniques in magnet design 92
A system for computer-aided theoretical and experimental analysis of impurity particle motion in dielectric liquids 91
A new technique for computing the response of a line of finite length excited by HF electromagnetic fields 90
Agent Based Modelling for Decision Making in Energy Policy 89
Electromagnetic optimization for UMTS cellular networks 88
Local error estimates for adaptive mesh refinement 88
"New developments of grid optimization by the grid iteration method", Mathematics and Computers in Simulation" 88
"Local error estimation procedures as refinement indicators in adaptive meshing" 87
A method for evaluating the electric field in biological samples at ELF/LF frequencies 84
Adaptive meshing in two-variable static problems with field based error estimators using edge and facet elements 83
A Numerical Procedure for the 3D Design and the Optimisation of Active Shield Configurations for Stationary Magnetic Fields 83
"An Automatic Remeshing Procedure for 2D Electromagnetic Finite Element Codes" 83
"Trends in computer hardware and software for computer aided design application" 82
A Comparison among Several Expressions for the Numerical Computation of the Total Force Acting upon a Magnetized Body in a Magnetic Field 81
Hybrid deterministic/stochastic fuzzy methods for the optimization of electromagnetic devices 81
Open problems in computational electromagnetics 81
An equivalent circuit model for LEMP-excited transmission lines 80
"Comparison of h-refinement techniques in adaptive meshing algorithms" 79
Technical and compatibility issues in the design of HVDC sea electrodes 79
Evaluation of the field coupling to a line of finite length - A comparison between the dual integral equation approach and the moment method 79
"A numerical procedure for the design of active shields for DC applications" 78
Generalized Response Surface Optimizers: description of the algorithm, applications, and improvement strategies 77
"Error estimation and h-refinement adaptive techniques for electromagnetic analysis application" 77
Models for EMC analysis of “field bus” cables 76
A Simulated Annealing based Algorithm for the Optimisation of the Channel Allocation Problem in GSM networks 76
A local error ‘field based’ method for error estimation and adaptive meshing for finite element analysis 75
Time harmonic mesh adaption using OPERA-2d 75
"Superconducting shields for A.C. magnetic field" 75
“Innovative Approaches for Modularization and Constructability of Nuclear Plants” 75
A new method to identify return stroke characteristics 74
Analysis of Electromagnetic Transients in HV Substations: Main Issues and Investigation Methodologies and Tools 74
Stochastic optimization using OPERA-2d 73
"Techniques of h-refinement in adaptive meshing algorithns" 73
A user-oriented package for computer aided design of high-voltage devices 72
Time-domain implementation of Cooray-Rubinstein formula via convolution integral and rational approximation 72
A Flexible post processing program for electromagnetic CAD 72
"Recent developments in high performance computing for enigineering analysis and simulation" 71
A full-Maxwell formulation for the high frequency analysis of finite terminated multiconductor transmission lines 70
"Static and sinusoidal analysis of current flow problems in imperfect dielectrics" 69
"Some data on the AC breakdown strength of liquid helium in the millimeter gap range" 69
Error estimate and adaptive meshing in finite element solutions of electric and magnetic problems 69
An improved accuracy field calculation program for ironless structures 68
Current standard practice in EHV/HV Italian substation design: Oriented modelling and simulation of lightning protection system for improving design criteria 67
A modular finite element package for research in electromagnetic analysis developed in a group of italian universities 67
Newton-Raphson and Fixed Point methods in finite element nonlinear magnetic field computations 67
A gauged A,V-A-psi formulation without A.n=0 on conductor boundaries 66
"Parameter identification for a model of impurity particle in a dielectric fluid by means of computer- aided analysis of experimental data" 66
A generalized finite element procedure allowing the definition of the problem to be solved by input data 65
A simple strategy to optimally design and manage a photovoltaic plant integrated with a storage system for different applications 65
A new class of uniform field electrodes for dielectric strength test in dielectric liquids 64
Advanced tools for computer aided design in applied electromagnetics 64
"Pressure transducer for 77 K operation" 64
Numerical Analysis of a high power AC-DC Converter for High Current Application 62
Le principali linee di ricerca di elettromagnetismo computazionale presso il Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica dell’Università di Genova 62
“Adaptive Finite Element Analysis of 2D Static and Steady-State Elerctromagnetic Problems” 62
Three dimensional Finite Element Analysis in the Design of an AC-DC Converter for Arc Furnace feeding 62
A multiformulation approach to eddy current computation 61
Some thermo-electromagnetic applications to fusion technology of a general purpose CAD package 59
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