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Dynamic performances of AC drives fed from power transistor-thyristor inverters 134
Rectifier Dynamic Mod­els for Short-Circuit Transient Analysis in DC Metrorail Sys­tems 130
A non conventional power converter for plasma stabilization 127
An optimal controller for voltage balance and power losses reduction in MPC AC/DCAC converters 126
Multilevel converters for high power AC drives: a review 126
A new PWM control sys­tem for UPS using hysteresis com­pa­rator 123
Analysis and synthesis of ac static power controllers 119
Analysis of PWM techniques using uniform sampling in variable-speed electrical drives with large speed range 118
PWM strategies for in­verter-fed asynchronous motors with a wide range of variable speed 114
Theoretical and experimental study of the two-harmonic reluctance machine, a new class of variable speed device 112
A minimum-energy based capacitor voltage balancing control strategy for MPC conversion systems 110
About the DC-link capacitors voltage balance in multi-point clamped converters 108
A simplified control strategy for inverter-fed in­duc­tion motors oriented to electric traction applica­tion: design and realiza­tion 103
PWM systems in power converters: an extension of the sub-harmonic method 103
Hybrid reactive power compensation system: advanced control strategy development 98
Static conversion systems for remote rural communities coupled to solar and wind generators 97
Efficiency evaluation of fuel cell vehicle power conversion systems based on average switching modeling 96
Fuel cell electric buses and perspectives: High V.LO-City Project 91
The two-harmonic reluctance motor: an introduction to a new kind of variable-speed device 89
Evaluation of interport performances: a state automaton approach 88
Digital simulation of AC electrical drives based on field-oriented control method using a general purpose program 88
Modelli integrati di reti di trasporto pubblico su scala regionale:quadro europeo e prospettive 87
Optimized modula­tion techniques for the gen­eralized n-level converter 86
A non conventional power converter for plasma stabilization 85
A voltage sag detection algorithm based on rectified voltage processing 85
Voltage sag detection based on rectified voltage processing 85
Life cycle assessment of hydrogen-powered city buses in the High V.LO-City project: integrating vehicle operation and refuelling infrastructure 85
Innovazione, ricerca e sviluppo nel settore del TPL per i sistemi su gomma: esperienze europee e vetture fuel cell 84
EMC issues in electric railway traction systems 83
Trends in hybrid vehicles power flow control 82
A static hy­brid converter for road electric vehicles 80
Development of open-loop and closed-loop techniques for the optimization of modular multilevel conversion structures 80
A new approach to optimise interport performance 79
Advances in high power asynchronous motor traction drives 79
Dynamic interactions in pantograph-catenary power transmission systems 78
Analysis of the impact of AFE Active Front End on the THD on a shipboard power system: a comparison study using different simulation approaches 78
Estimation of losses in static power converters via computer simulation: preliminary results 77
Different excitation systems for inverter-fed synchronous motors with variable speed 76
Development and analysis of remedial strategies for faults in NPC converter systems 76
Digital sim­ulation of a high-dynamics brushless motor drive for robotic ap­plications 74
Fundamental aspects of linear induction motor drives control 74
Trends in multilevel power conversion 74
Finite element modelling of electrostatic microactuators 73
Vector control method in high power drives for industrial applications 72
Improving the performance of ac/dc converters with high frequency AC chop­per control 71
A new power VDMOS model, implemented in SPICE and oriented toward the design of electronic power converters 71
AC chopper regulation using power transistors 70
Analysis of DC-link capacitor voltage balance in AC-DC-AC diode-clamped multilevel converters 69
Improving AC line cur­rent and power factor using converters controlled by a generalized PWM method 69
Macro­modeling of power bipolar transistor using SPICE 69
A multi-criteria algorithm for voltage sag detection 69
A high performance DSP based system for ro­botics drives 65
Analysis and design of electric traction systems: performing digital sim­ulation by EMTP 65
Computer simulation and experimental results of Elec­trical Drives for Dual-Mode Bus 65
An induction motor flux and speed observer: performances evaluation at several power levels 64
Interport modelling with state automata 62
A neural rotor flux observer for induction motor control 61
An accurate circuital model of high voltage LDMOSs for switching applications 61
Convertitore a GTO per gruppi statici di continuita' 60
An approach to filter design for UPS systems using PRM modulators 59
25 MFLOPS DSP imple­mentation for fully digitalized brushless drive sys­tem 58
Optimum design of a Power Transistor In­vert­er controlled by PWM technique 58
Torque/volume increase in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors by fill factor enhancement 58
Sviluppo di osservatore di flusso rotorico per il controllo di motori a induzione tramite reti neurali 47
Coupled multilevel converters for reactive power and distortion minimization in AC and DC arc furnaces 47
Il progetto Custom Power 45
Application du principe du hacheur dans les variateurs utilisant des transistors de puissance au lieu de thyristor 43
Filovie in Italia: evoluzione e prospettive 30
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