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Evaluation of the Mechanical and Thermal Properties Decay of PHBV/Sisal and PLA/Sisal Biocomposites at Different Recycle Steps 1-gen-2019 Lagazzo, Alberto; Moliner, Cristina; Bosio, Barbara; Botter, Rodolfo; Arato, Elisabetta
Sensitivity analysis and validation of a Two Fluid Method (TFM) model for a spouted bed 1-gen-2019 MOLINER ESTOPINAN, CRISTINA ELIA; Marchelli, Filippo; Ong, Laura; Martinez Felipe, Alf; Van der A, D.; Arato, Elisabetta
Implementation of the Italian school-work alternating programme within chemical engineering activities 1-gen-2019 Moliner, C.; Arato, E.
Production and characterisation of pellets from rice straw and rice husk 1-gen-2019 Moliner, C.; Lagazzo, A.; Bosio, B.; Botter, R.; Arato, E.
A CFD-DEM sensitivity analysis: The case of a pseudo-2D spouted bed 1-gen-2019 Marchelli, F.; Moliner, C.; Bosio, B.; Arato, E.
A new approach to the solubility in aqueous salt solution 1-gen-2019 Arato, Elisabetta; Moliner, Cristina; Morro, Angelo
Co-incineration of rice straw-wood pellets: A sustainable strategy for the valorisation of rice waste 1-gen-2020 Moliner, C.; Bove, D.; Arato, E.
CFD-DEM simulations of a continuous square-based spouted bed and evaluation of the solids residence time distribution 1-gen-2020 Marchelli, F.; Moliner, C.; Curti, M.; Bosio, B.; Arato, E.
Production, characterization, and evaluation of pellets from rice harvest residues 1-gen-2020 Moliner, C.; Lagazzo, A.; Bosio, B.; Botter, R.; Arato, E.
Influence of the degradation medium on water uptake, morphology, and chemical structure of Poly(Lactic Acid)-Sisal bio-composites 1-gen-2020 Moliner, Cristina; Finocchio, E.; Arato, E.; Ramis, G.; Lagazzo, A.
Current status of energy production from solid biomass in North-West Italy 1-gen-2020 Moliner, C.; Marchelli, F.; Arato, E.
Experimental study on the solids residence time distribution in multiple square-based spouted beds 1-gen-2020 Marchelli, F.; Curti, M.; Tognin, M.; Rovero, G.; Moliner, C.; Arato, E.; Bosio, B.
Current Status of Energy Production from Solid Biomass in Southern Italy 1-gen-2021 Moliner, Cristina; Arato, Elisabetta; Marchelli, Filippo
Molecular dynamics simulation of the interactions between carbon dioxide and a natural-based carbonaceous microporous material 1-gen-2021 Moliner, C.; Antonucci, B.; Focacci, S.; Heap, J. M.; Martel, A. M.; Hamzah, F.; Martin, C. F.; Martinez-Felipe, A.
An integrated approach to convert lignocellulosic and wool residues into balanced fertilisers 1-gen-2021 Marchelli, F.; Rovero, G.; Curti, M.; Arato, E.; Bosio, B.; Moliner, C.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 35 di 35
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