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Communication through ecolabels: how discrepancies between the EU PEF and EPD schemes could affect outcome consistency 1-gen-2019 Del Borghi, Adriana; MORESCHI, LUCA; Gallo, Michela
Circular economy approach to reduce water–energy–food nexus 1-gen-2020 Del Borghi, A.; Moreschi, L.; Gallo, M.
GHG Accounting for sustainable mega-events: How lessons learnt during the Milan Expo 2015 world fair could lead to less carbon-intensive future mega-events 1-gen-2020 Gallo, Michela; Moreschi, Luca; DEL BORGHI, Adriana
Sustainability in Maritime Sector: Waste Management Alternatives Evaluated in a Circular Carbon Economy Perspective 1-gen-2020 Gallo, Michela; Moreschi, Luca; Mazzoccoli, Michela; Marotta, Veronica; Del Borghi, Adriana
Life cycle assessment in the food industry 1-gen-2020 DEL BORGHI, Adriana; Moreschi, Luca; Gallo, Michela
Environmental analysis along the supply chain of dark, milk and white chocolate: a life cycle comparison 1-gen-2020 Bianchi, F. R.; Moreschi, L.; Gallo, M.; Vesce, E.; Del Borghi, A.
Sustainable packaging: an evaluation of crates for food through a life cycle approach 1-gen-2020 Del Borghi, A.; Parodi, S.; Moreschi, L.; Gallo, M.
Waste Management under Emergency Conditions: Life-Cycle Multicriteria Analysis as Decision Support System 1-gen-2020 Moreschi, Luca; Del Borghi, Adriana; Taramasso, Angela Celeste; Gallo, Michela
Use of EPD system for designing new building materials: The case study of a bio-based thermal insulation panel from the pineapple industry by-product 1-gen-2020 Arellano-Vazquez, D. A.; Moreschi, L.; Del Borghi, A.; Gallo, M.; Valverde, G. I.; Rojas, M. M.; Romero-Salazar, L.; Arteaga-Arcos, J. C.
Carbon-neutral-campus building: Design versus retrofitting of two university zero energy buildings in europe and in the united states 1-gen-2021 Del Borghi, A.; Spiegelhalter, T.; Moreschi, L.; Gallo, M.
Environmental sustainability of building retrofit through vertical greening systems: A life-cycle approach 1-gen-2021 Perini, K.; Magrassi, F.; Giachetta, A.; Moreschi, L.; Gallo, M.; Del Borghi, A.
Waste to aggregate: an application of circular economy to aquaculture 1-gen-2021 DEL BORGHI, Adriana; DE ANGELI, Silvia; Moreschi, Luca; Gallo, Michela
Life cycle assessment of hydrogen-powered city buses in the High V.LO-City project: integrating vehicle operation and refuelling infrastructure 1-gen-2022 Pederzoli, D. W.; Carnevali, C.; Genova, R.; Mazzucchelli, M.; Del Borghi, A.; Gallo, M.; Moreschi, L.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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