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Context aware mobile application architecture (CAMAA) for health care systems: Standardization and abstraction of context aware layers 1-gen-2014 Mcheick, H.; Sbeity, H.; Hazimeh, H.; Naim, J.; Alameh, M.
Live Demonstration: System based on Electronic Skin and Cutaneous Electrostimulation for Sensory Feedback in Prosthetics 1-gen-2018 Alameh, M; Saleh, M; Ansovini, F; Fares, H; Ibrahim, A; Franceschi, M; Seminara, L; Valle, M; Dosen, S; Farina, D
Approximate Computing Methods for Embedded Machine Learning 1-gen-2019 Ibrahim, A.; Osta, M.; Alameh, Mohamad; Saleh, M.; Chible, H.; Valle, M.
DCNN for Tactile Sensory Data Classification based on Transfer Learning 1-gen-2019 Alameh, M.; Ibrahim, A.; Valle, M.; Moser, G.
Energy efficient implementation of machine learning algorithms on hardware platforms 1-gen-2019 Osta, M.; Alameh, M.; Younes, H.; Ibrahim, A.
Smart tactile sensing systems based on embedded CNN implementations 1-gen-2020 Alameh, M.; Abbass, Y.; Ibrahim, A.; Valle, M.
Efficient algorithms for embedded tactile data processing 1-gen-2020 Younes, H.; Alameh, M.; Ibrahim, A.; Rizk, M.; Valle, M.
Touch Modality Classification Using Recurrent Neural Networks 1-gen-2021 Alameh, M.; Abbass, Y.; Ibrahim, A.; Moser, G.; Valle, M.
Embedded Artificial Intelligence for Tactile Sensing 25-feb-2021 Alameh, Mohamad
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