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Effect of laser and plasma surface cleaning on mechanical properties of adhesive bonded joints 302
Thermal Barrier Coatings Based on Alumina Microparticles 176
Cold Plasma Pretreatment of Carbon Fibre Composite Substrates to Improve Adhesive Bonding Performance 145
Effect of Welding Parameters on AA8090 Al-Li Alloy FSW T-Joints 133
Influence of cold plasma treatment parameters on the mechanical properties of polyamide homogeneous bonded joints 123
Effect of Surface Pretreatment on the Performance of Adhesive-Bonded Joints 121
Effect of fibre laser marking on surface properties and corrosion resistance of a Fe-Ni-Cr alloy 117
Comparison between FSW and bonded lap joints - A preliminary investigation 116
Fatigue assesment of AA8090 friction stir butt welds after surface finishing treatment 115
Mechanical Behaviour of Inconel 718 Thin-Walled Laser Welded Components for Aircraft Engines 115
Friction stir welding between extrusions and laminates 114
Polypropylene surface modification by low pressure plasma to increase adhesive bonding: Effect of process parameters 111
Investigation on gas metal arc weldability of a high strength tool steel 108
Environmental effects on methacrylate adhesive 107
Influence of Adhesive in FSW: Investigation on Fatigue Behavior of Welded, Weld-Bonded,and Adhesive-Bonded Joints in Aluminum AA 6082 T6 107
Functionalization of neutral polypropylene by using low pressure plasma treatment: Effects on surface characteristics and adhesion properties 104
Ti 6Al-4V FSW weldability: mechanical characterization and fatigue life analysis 103
Neutral polypropylene laser welding 102
Laser surface texturing of polypropylene to increase adhesive bonding 102
Durability of polyamide bonded joints: influence of surface pre-treatment 101
Effect of cold plasma treatment on surface roughness and bonding strength of polymeric substrates 99
Experimental investigation of fiberglass sandwich composite bending behaviour after severe aging condition 99
Effect of process gases in vacuum plasma treatment on adhesion properties of titanium alloy substrates 99
Low-pressure plasma treatment of CFRP substrates for epoxy-adhesive bonding: an investigation of the effect of various process gases 96
Laser welding of polypropylene using two different sources 95
Improving adhesion performance of polyethylene surfaces by cold plasma treatment 91
Hybrid FSWeld-bonded joint fatigue behaviour 90
Structural and operational design of an innovative airship drone for natural gas transport over long distances 82
Influence of FSW pin tool geometry on plastic flow of AA7075 T651 78
Effects of surface cleaning on quality of electron beam welded joints 74
Experimental investigation of the static and fatigue behavior of hybrid ductile adhesive-RSWelded joints in a DP 1000 steel 74
Comparing the adhesion strength of 316L stainless steel joints after laser surface texturing by CO2 and fiber lasers 65
La Friction Stir Welding per incrementare la vita a fatica 64
Study of influence of welding parameters on a robotized MAG process 61
Caratterizzazione meccanica di un pannello sandwich 60
Resistenza a invecchiamento di un adesivo per impiego navale 59
Appraisal of surface preparation in adhesive bonding of additive manufactured substrates 55
Trattamento delle superfici - Il plasma freddo migliora l'incollaggio 54
Saldabiltà dell'acciaio da utensili Toolox mediante tecnologia MAG 52
Comparative characterization of the surface state of Ti-6Al-4V substrates in different pre-bonding conditions 52
Effetti ambientali su adesivo metacrilato 50
Effetto dei parametri di processo e dell'apporto termico sulla qualità di pannelli saldati per uso navale 50
Plasma freddo - Come migliorare l'incollaggio dei CFRC 50
Importanza della modalità di avanzamento della torcia nella saldatura MIG/MAG robotizzata 48
Thermographic analysis of FWelds between AA6060 extruded section and AA6082-T6 sheets 47
A design-of-experiments approach to estimate the effect of plasma-treatment parameters on the mechanical resistance of adhesive-bonded joints 45
Saldatura Friction stir tra estrusi e laminati 38
Saldatura Laser di componenti in Inconel 718 per usi aeronautici 37
Low pressure plasma treatment of CFRP substrates for adhesive bonding: an investigation of joint durability under severe temperature-moisture conditioning 30
Laser-induced modification of surface properties by micro- and nano-scale processing 30
Laser surface pre-treatment of polyolefin substrates for adhesive bonding 29
A Response Surface Methodology Approach to Improve Adhesive Bonding of Pulsed Laser Treated CFRP Composites 28
Investigation methods to understand laser-induced surface modification 23
Comparative evaluation of the effect of the substrate thickness and inherent process defects on the static and fatigue performance of FSW and adhesive-bonded overlap-joints in an AA6016 alloy 22
Development of a 3D printer optimized for rapid prototyping with continuous fiber fabrication technology 21
Comparative evaluation of the effect of the substrate thickness and inherent process defects on the static and fatigue performance of FSW and adhesive-bonded overlap-joints in an AA6016 alloy 20
Influence of silica aerogel filler on strength-to-weight ratio of carbon/epoxy composite made by vacuum resin infusion 16
Energy absorption properties of a 3D-printed lattice-core foam composite under compressive and low-velocity impact loading 14
Adhesive bonding of glass-fibre thermoplastic composite: process optimisation and sustainability analysis using LCA methodology 13
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