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What does "isomorphism between conscious representations and the structure of the world" means? 1-gen-2003 Manzotti, Riccardo; Sandini, Giulio
[What does "p" mean at conclusion of a test of hypothesis in a randomized controlled clinical trial of superiority?] 1-gen-2006 Marubini, Ettore; Gallo, Fabio; Pizzamiglio, Sara; Verderio, Paolo
What does speeded probed recall tell us about working memory processing? 1-gen-2010 Morra, Sergio; Epidendio, V.
What Does the Discursive Paradox Really Mean for Democracy? 1-gen-2010 Ottonelli, Valeria
What Does the Free Will Theorem Actually Prove? 1-gen-2010 Goldstein, S; TAUSK D., V; Tumulka, R; Zanghi', Pierantonio
What Does κρίσις Entail? The Problem of ‘Decision and/ or Judgement’ in Plato’s Republic and Laws 1-gen-2021 Catanzaro, Andrea
What drives inhaler prescription for asthma patients? Results from a real-life retrospective analysis 1-gen-2020 Lavorini, F.; Bianco, A.; Blasi, F.; Braido, F.; Corsico, A. G.; Di Marco, F.; Gentile, A.; Paggiaro, P. L.; Pegoraro, V.; Pelaia, G.; Rogliani, P.; Santus, P.; Scichilone, N.; Soldi, A.; Canonica, G. W.
What electrophysiology tells us about Alzheimer's disease: a window into the synchronization and connectivity of brain neurons 1-gen-2020 Babiloni, C.; Blinowska, K.; Bonanni, L.; Cichocki, A.; De Haan, W.; Del Percio, C.; Dubois, B.; Escudero, J.; Fernandez, A.; Frisoni, G.; Guntekin, B.; Hajos, M.; Hampel, H.; Ifeachor, E.; Kilborn, K.; Kumar, S.; Johnsen, K.; Johannsson, M.; Jeong, J.; Lebeau, F.; Lizio, R.; Lopes da Silva, F.; Maestu, F.; Mcgeown, W. J.; Mckeith, I.; Moretti, D. V.; Nobili, F.; Olichney, J.; Onofrj, M.; Palop, J. J.; Rowan, M.; Stocchi, F.; Struzik, Z. M.; Tanila, H.; Teipel, S.; Taylor, J. P.; Weiergraber, M.; Yener, G.; Young-Pearse, T.; Drinkenburg, W. H.; Randall, F.
What Empathy Can(not) Do. An Inquiry into the Epistemic Possibilities and Limits of Empathic Imagination. 8-lug-2021 Inchingolo, Marco
What epipolar geometry can do for video-surveillance 1-gen-2013 Noceti, Nicoletta; Balduzzi, Luigi; Odone, Francesca
What goes in does not come out: different non-lethal dietary methods give contradictory interpretation of prey selectivity in amphibians. 1-gen-2014 Costa, A.; Salvidio, Sebastiano; Posillico, M.; Altea, T.; Matteucci, G.; Romano, A.
What happened to a thrombus during apical ballooning syndrome: a case report. 1-gen-2013 Valbusa, A; Paganini, M; Secchi, G; Montecucco, Fabrizio; Rosa, GIAN MARCO
What Happened to the Sense of a Concept Word? 1-gen-2013 Penco, Carlo
What happens after fingolimod discontinuation? A multicentre real-life experience 1-gen-2021 Landi, D.; Signori, A.; Cellerino, M.; Fenu, G.; Nicoletti, C. G.; Ponzano, M.; Mancuso, E.; Fronza, M.; Ricchiuto, M. E.; Boffa, G.; Inglese, M.; Marfia, G. A.; Cocco, E.; Frau, J.
What has changed in the treatment of invasive candidiasis? A look at the past 10 years and ahead 1-gen-2018 Bassetti, M.; Righi, E.; Montravers, P.; Cornely, O. A.
What has computed tomography taught us about the acute respiratory distress syndrome? 1-gen-2001 Gattinoni, L; Caironi, P; Pelosi, PAOLO PASQUALINO; Goodman, Lr
What have we learned about ictal epileptic headache? A review of well-documented cases. 1-gen-2013 Parisi, P; Striano, Pasquale; Verrotti, A; Villa, Mp; Belcastro, V.
What if the 25 October 2011 event that struck Cinque Terre (Liguria) had happened in Genoa, Italy? Flooding scenarios, hazard mapping and damage estimation 1-gen-2016 Silvestro, F; Rebora, N; Rossi, L; Dolia, D; Gabellani, S; Pignone, F; Trasforini, E; Rudari, R; De Angeli, S; Masciulli, C
What if Variable Annuity Policyholders with Guaranteed Lifelong Withdrawal Benefit were Rational? 1-gen-2016 Piscopo, Gabriella; Philipp, Ruede
"What if…": decisional regret in patients who discontinued active surveillance 1-gen-2016 Repetto, C; Rancati, T; Magnani, T; Alvisi, Mf; Avuzzi, B; Badenchini, F; Marenghi, C; Stagni, S; Maffezzini, M; Villa, S; Villa, S; Salvioni, R; Valdagni, R; Bellardita, L
Mostrati risultati da 154.271 a 154.290 di 155.379
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