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Identification of suitable habitats for cetaceans in the Canary Basin, NE Atlantic Ocean: evidences of hot-spots for beaked whales 1-gen-2014 Ana Mafalda, Correia; Tepsich, Paola; Massimiliano, Rosso; Rui, Caldeira; Isabel Sousa, Pinto
Ecosystem dynamics in the Liguro-Provençal Basin: the role of eddies in the biological production 1-gen-2014 Casella, Elisa; Tepsich, Paola; X., Couvelard; R. M. A., Caldeira; K., Schroeder
A new process for developping an effective index to assess variability in cetacean presence 1-gen-2014 Simone, Cominelli; Aurelie, Moulins; Valeria, Rossi; Massimiliano, Rosso; Tepsich, Paola
Synoptic data collection on Cetacean, Marine birds, Sea turtle, Marine traffic, Marine litter: a multidisciplinary collaboration in Mediterranean sea 1-gen-2014 Antonella, Arcangeli; Aissi, M.; Atzori, F.; Azzolin, M.; Baccetti, N.; Campana, I.; Castelli, A.; Cerri, F.; Cinti, F.; Crosti, R.; L., David; N., Di Meglio; Frau, F.; Luperini, C.; Maffucci, F.; Marini, L.; Moulins, A.; Paraboschi, M.; Pellegrino, G.; Ruvolo, A.; Tepsich, Paola; Tringali, M.
Efficiency of MPAs on marine mammals conservation: case study of large cetaceans in the central Mediterranean 1-gen-2014 Mehdi, Aissi; Loussaief, Bilel; Tringali, Lm; Antonella, Arcangeli; Roberto, Crosti; Tepsich, Paola; Aurélie Moulins, D'Inca; Mohamed Néjib Daly, Yahia
Abundance estimation and residency pattern of Cuvier’s beaked whale in the Ligurian sea 1-gen-2014 Massimiliano, Rosso; Tepsich, Paola; Aurélie, Moulins
Habitat preferences of two deep-diving cetacean species in the northern Ligurian Sea 1-gen-2014 Tepsich, Paola; M., Rosso; Pn, Halpin; A., Moulins
Preliminary report about the marine traffic into the Pelagos Sanctuary as an asset for the designation of the Pelagos Sanctuary as a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area 1-gen-2014 Coomber, Frazer; Belhajer, A.; Tepsich, Paola; Rosso, M.; Moulins, A.
Fin whale seasonal trends in the Pelagos Sanctuary, Mediterranean Sea 1-gen-2015 Cominelli, Simone; Moulins, Aurelie; Rosso, Massimiliano; Tepsich, Paola
Cetacean occurrence and spatial distribution in the central Mediterranean Sea using ferries as platform of observation 1-gen-2015 Aïssi, M.; Arcangeli, A.; Crosti, R.; Daly Yahia, M. N.; Loussaief, B.; Moulins, A.; Pellegrino, G.; Rosso, M.; Tringali, L. M.; Tepsich, Paola
Cetacean response to summer maritime traffic in the Western Mediterranean Sea 1-gen-2015 Campana, I.; Crosti, R.; Angeletti, D.; Carosso, L.; David, L.; Di Méglio, N.; Moulins, A.; Rosso, M.; Tepsich, Paola; Arcangeli, A.
Cetacean occurrence and spatial distribution: Habitat modelling for offshore waters in the Portuguese EEZ (NE Atlantic) 1-gen-2015 Ana M., Correia; Tepsich, Paola; Massimiliano, Rosso; Rui, Caldeira; Isabel Sousa, Pinto
Sexing free-ranging adult Cuviers beaked whales (Ziphius cavirostris) using natural marking thresholds and pigmentation patterns 1-gen-2016 Coomber, Frazer; Moulins, Aurelie; Tepsich, Paola; Rosso, Massimiliano
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