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Subpopulations of human NK (CD3-CD16+) lymphocytes identified by monoclonal antibodies directed to clonally distributed functional surface molecules. 1-gen-1991 Tripodi, G; Orengo, Am; Pende, D; Barbaresi, M; Ciccone, Ermanno; Bottino, Cristina; Millo, R; Moretta, Alessandro
Human natural killer cells: clonally distributed specific functions and triggering surface molecules. 1-gen-1992 Moretta, Alessandro; Ciccone, Ermanno; Pende, D; Tripodi, G; Bottino, Cristina; Moretta, Lorenzo
Novel surface molecules involved in human NK cell activation and triggering of the lytic machinery. 1-gen-1992 Moretta, Alessandro; Bottino, Cristina; Tripodi, G; Vitale, M; Pende, D; Morelli, L; Augugliaro, R; Barbaresi, M; Ciccone, Ermanno; Millo, Romano
Involvement of HLA class I alleles in natural killer (NK) cell-specific functions: expression of HLA-Cw3 confers selective protection from lysis by alloreactive NK clones displaying a defined specificity (specificity 2). 1-gen-1992 Ciccone, Ermanno; Pende, D; Viale, O; Than, A; Di Donato, C; Orengo, Am; Biassoni, R; Verdiani, Simonetta; Amoroso, A; Moretta, Alessandro
P58 molecules as putative receptors for major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I molecules in human natural killer (NK) cells. Anti-p58 antibodies reconstitute lysis of MHC class I-protected cells in NK clones displaying different specificities. 1-gen-1993 Moretta, Alessandro; Vitale, M; Bottino, Cristina; Orengo, Am; Morelli, L; Augugliaro, R; Barbaresi, M; Ciccone, Ermanno; Moretta, Lorenzo
Human natural killer cell receptors for HLA-class I molecules. Evidence that the Kp43 (CD94) molecule functions as receptor for HLA-B alleles. 1-gen-1994 Moretta, Alessandro; Vitale, M; Sivori, Simona; Bottino, Cristina; Morelli, L; Augugliaro, R; Barbaresi, M; Pende, D; Ciccone, Ermanno; Lopez Botet, M; Moretta, Lorenzo
The human natural killer cell receptor for major histocompatibility complex class I molecules. Surface modulation of p58 molecules and their linkage to CD3 zeta chain, Fc epsilon RI gamma chain and the p56lck kinase. 1-gen-1994 Bottino, Cristina; Vitale, M; Olcese, L; Sivori, Simona; Morelli, L; Augugliaro, R; Ciccone, Ermanno; Moretta, Alessandro; Moretta, Lorenzo
Self class I molecules protect normal cells from lysis mediated by autologous natural killer cells. 1-gen-1994 Ciccone, Ermanno; Pende, D; Vitale, M; Nanni, L; Di Donato, C; Bottino, Cristina; Morelli, L; Viale, O; Amoroso, A; Moretta, Alessandro
Peptide specificity in the recognition of MHC class I by natural killer cell clones. 1-gen-1995 Malnati, Ms; Peruzzi, M; Parker, Kc; Biddison, We; Ciccone, Ermanno; Moretta, Alessandro; Long, Eo
General role of HLA class I molecules in the protection of target cells from lysis by natural killer cells: evidence that the free heavy chains of class I molecules are not sufficient to mediate the protective effect. 1-gen-1995 Ciccone, Ermanno; Pende, D; Nanni, L; DI DONATO, C; Viale, O; Beretta, A; Vitale, M; Sivori, Simona; Moretta, Alessandro; Moretta, Lorenzo
HIV is trapped and masked in the cytoplasm of lymph node follicular dendritic cells 1-gen-1997 Tacchetti, Carlo; Favre, A.; Moresco, L.; Meszaros, P.; Luzzi, Paola; Truini, M.; Rizzo, F.; Grossi, CARLO ENRICO; Ciccone, Ermanno
CTLA-4 inhibits the specific lysis mediated by human cytolytic T lymphocytes in a clonal distribute fashion. 1-gen-1998 Saverino, Daniele; Tenca, Claudya; Zarcone, Daniela; Grossi, CARLO ENRICO; Ciccone, Ermanno
CTLA-4 (CD152) inhibits the specific lysis mediated by human cytolytic T lymphocytes in a clonally distributed fashion 1-gen-1999 Saverino, Daniele; Tenca, Claudya; Zarcone, Daniela; Merlo, A.; Megiovanni, A. M.; Valle, M. T.; Manca, F.; Grossi, CARLO ENRICO; Ciccone, Ermanno
The inhibitory function of CD85/LIR-1/ILT2 is exerted on actively proliferating T cells via apoptosis. 1-gen-2000 Ciccone, Ermanno; Saverino, Daniele; Merlo, A.; Ghiotto, FABIO GIUSEPPE; Tenca, Claudya; Grossi, CARLO ENRICO; Bruno, Silvia
Cytokine gene expression and T-cell proliferative responses in lymph node mononuclear cells from children with early stage human immunodeficiency virus infection. 1-gen-2000 Airoldi, I; Saverino, Daniele; Favre, A; Ghiotto, FABIO GIUSEPPE; Tacchetti, Carlo; Facchetti, P; Piatti, Gabriella; Li Pira, G; Fenoglio, Daniela; Duse, M; Ciccone, Ermanno; Manca, F; Plebani, A; Grossi, CARLO ENRICO; Pistoia, V.
Molecules that inhibit T-cell functions: cytochemical localization and shuttling 1-gen-2000 Santoro, G.; Anastasi, G.; Saverino, Daniele; Puri, C.; Zarcone, Daniela; Tacchetti, Carlo; Ciccone, Ermanno; Grossi, CARLO ENRICO
Cell activation via CD44 occurs in advanced stages of squamous cell carcinogenesis. 1-gen-2000 Bruno, Silvia; Fabbi, M.; Tiso, M.; Santamaria, Barbara; Ghiotto, FABIO GIUSEPPE; Saverino, Daniele; Tenca, Claudya; Zarcone, Daniela; Ferrini, S.; Ciccone, Ermanno; Grossi, CARLO ENRICO
The CD85/LIR-1/ILT2 inhibitory receptor is expressed by all human T lymphocytes and down-regulates their functions 1-gen-2000 Saverino, Daniele; Fabbi, M.; Ghiotto, FABIO GIUSEPPE; Merlo, A.; Bruno, Silvia; Zarcone, Daniela; Tenca, Claudya; Tiso, M.; Santoro, G.; Anastasi, G.; Cosman, D.; Grossi, CARLO ENRICO; Ciccone, Ermanno
Effect of blocking or cross-linking of inhibitory receptors on T cell proliferation and cytokine production. 1-gen-2001 Ciccone, Ermanno; Saverino, Daniele; Fais, Franco; Grossi, CARLO ENRICO
A novel human homologue of the SH3BGR gene encodes a small protein similar to Glutaredoxin 1 of Escherichia coli 1-gen-2001 Mazzocco, M.; Arrigo, P.; Egeo, A.; Maffei, Massimo; Vergano, A.; DI LISI, R.; Ghiotto, FABIO GIUSEPPE; Ciccone, Ermanno; Cinti, R.; Ravazzolo, Roberto; Scartezzini, P.
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