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Evaluation Plan - CARAVEL Travelling toward a new mobility 1-gen-2007 Ghiara, Hilda; Cusano, MARIA INES; Musso, Enrico
Evaluation Report CARAVEL - Travelling Toward a new mobility 1-gen-2009 Ghiara, Hilda; Cusano, MARIA INES
Event-oriented traffic management: policies from Stuttgart and Genoa experiences 1-gen-2009 Sanguineti, Simona; Cusano, MARIA INES
The italian roll-on roll-off sector: from the puzzle of statistics to a realistic scenario 1-gen-2012 Albanese, Massimo; Cusano, MARIA INES
West Med Short Sea Shipping: from point to point to multi-call services 1-gen-2013 Albanese, Massimo; Cusano, MARIA INES; Ferrari, Claudio; Tei, Alessio
Coastal city and ocean renewable energy: Pathway to an Eco San Andres 1-gen-2013 Cusano, MARIA INES; Q., Li; A., Obisesan; J., Urrego Blanco; W., Wang
Logistica Portuale e ambiente 1-gen-2014 Cusano, MARIA INES
Consequences of demographic changes on urban mobility: an overview of ageing in modern societies 1-gen-2014 Burlando, Claudia; Cusano, MARIA INES
Energy management in seaports: A new role for port authorities 1-gen-2014 M., Acciaro; Ghiara, Hilda; Cusano, MARIA INES
Contested port hinterlands: An empirical survey on Adriatic seaports 1-gen-2017 Acciaro, Michele; Bardi, Andrea; Cusano, Maria Ines; Ferrari, Claudio; Tei, Alessio
Port hierarchy and concentration: Insights from the Mediterranean cruise market 1-gen-2017 Cusano, MARIA INES; Ferrari, Claudio; Tei, Alessio
Growing old and keeping mobile in Italy. Active Ageing and Importance of urban mobility planning strategies. 1-gen-2018 Burlando, C.; Cusano, I.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 12 di 12
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