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Staurosporine induces apoptotic volume decrease (AVD) in ECV304 cells. 1-gen-2003 A. M., Porcelli; A., Ghelli; C., Zanna; Valente, Pierluigi; S., Ferroni; M., Rugolo
Arachidonic acid activates an open rectifier potassium channel in cultured rat cortical astrocytes. 1-gen-2003 S., Ferroni; Valente, Pierluigi; M., Caprini; M., Nobile; P., Schubert; C., Rapisarda
Apoptosis induced by staurosporine in ECV304 cells requires cell shrinkage and upregulation of Cl- conductance. 1-gen-2004 A. M., Porcelli; A., Ghelli; C., Zanna; Valente, Pierluigi; S., Ferroni; M., Rugolo
Molecular compatibility of the channel gate and the N terminus of S5 segment for voltage-gated channel activity. 1-gen-2005 M., Caprini; M., Fava; Valente, Pierluigi; G., Fernandez Ballester; C., Rapisarda; S., Ferroni; A., Ferrer Montiel
Effects of coffees before and after special treatment procedure on cell membrane potentials in stomach cells. 1-gen-2006 B. L., Fiebich; Valente, Pierluigi; A., Ferrer Montiel; E., Candelario Jalil; J., Menthe; P., Luecker
A role of the transient receptor potential domain of vanilloid receptor I in channel gating. 1-gen-2007 N., García Sanz; Valente, Pierluigi; A., Gomis; A., Fernández Carvajal; G., Fernández Ballester; F., Viana; C., Belmonte; A., Ferrer Montiel
Identification of molecular determinants of channel gating in the transient receptor potential box of vanilloid receptor I. 1-gen-2008 Valente, Pierluigi; N., García Sanz; A., Gomis; A., Fernández Carvajal; G., Fernández Ballester; F., Viana; C., Belmonte; A., Ferrer Montiel
GABAA receptor associated protein (GABARAP) modulates TRPV1 expression and channel function and desensitization. 1-gen-2010 S., Laínez; Valente, Pierluigi; I., Ontoria Oviedo; J., Estévez Herrera; M., Camprubí Robles; A., Ferrer Montiel; R., Planells Cases
Complex regulation of TRPV1 and related thermo-TRPs: implications for therapeutic intervention. 1-gen-2011 R., Planells Cases; Valente, Pierluigi; A., Ferrer Montiel; F., Qin; A., Szallasi
Triazine-based vanilloid 1 receptor open channel blockers: design, synthesis, evaluation, and SAR analysis. 1-gen-2011 M., Vidal Mosquera; A., Fernández Carvajal; A., Moure; Valente, Pierluigi; R., Planells Cases; J. M., González Ros; J., Bujons; A., Ferrer Montiel; A., Messeguer
Membrane-tethered peptides patterned after the TRP domain (TRPducins) selectively inhibit TRPV1 channel activity. 1-gen-2011 Valente, Pierluigi; A., Fernández Carvajal; M., Camprubí Robles; A., Gomis; S., Quirce; F., Viana; G., Fernández Ballester; J. M., González Ros; C., Belmonte; R., Planells Cases; A., Ferrer Montiel
Emergent functional properties of neuronal networks with controlled topology. 1-gen-2012 E., Marconi; T., Nieus; A., Maccione; Valente, Pierluigi; A., Simi; M., Messa; S., Dante; Baldelli, Pietro; L., Berdondini; Benfenati, Fabio
Site-specific synapsin I phosphorylation participates in the expression of post-tetanic potentiation and its enhancement by BDNF. 1-gen-2012 Valente, Pierluigi; Casagrande, Silvia; T., Nieus; A. M., J; F., Valtorta; Benfenati, Fabio; Baldelli, Pietro
A role of the tyrosine phosphatase STEP at the presynapse. 1-gen-2013 Bosco, Federica; Valente, Pierluigi; Baldelli, Pietro; P., Lombroso; Benfenati, Fabio; Giovedi', Silvia
Mutation of I696 and W697 in the TRP box of vanilloid receptor subtype I modulates allosteric channel activation. 1-gen-2014 L., Gregorio Teruel; Valente, Pierluigi; J. M., González Ros; G., Fernández Ballester; A., Ferrer Montiel
The PDZ protein Whirlin is an intracellular modulator of TRPV1 receptor. 1-gen-2014 Ciardo, M. G.; CUESTA GARROTE, N.; ANDRÉS BORDERÍA, A.; CAMPRUBÍ ROBLES, M.; Valente, Pierluigi; PLANELLS CASES, R.; FERRER MONTIEL, A. V.
DUAL GLUTAMATE/GABA TRANSMISSION AT GLUTAMATERGIC AUTAPTIC NEURONS. 1-gen-2014 Baldelli, Pietro; Orlando, Marta; Benfenati, Fabio; Valente, Pierluigi
Direct conversion of fibroblasts into functional astrocytes by defined transcription factors 1-gen-2015 Caiazzo, Massimiliano; Giannelli, Serena; Valente, Pierluigi; Lignani, Gabriele; Carissimo, Annamaria; Sessa, Alessandro; Colasante, Gaia; Bartolomeo, Rosa; Massimino, Luca; Ferroni, Stefano; Settembre, Carmine; Benfenati, Fabio; Broccoli, Vania
Fine Tuning of Synaptic Plasticity and Filtering by GABA Released from Hippocampal Autaptic Granule Cells. 1-gen-2015 Valente, Pierluigi; Orlando, Marta; A., Raimondi; Benfenati, Fabio; Baldelli, Pietro
The Integrity of the TRP Domain Is Pivotal for Correct TRPV1 Channel Gating 1-gen-2015 Gregorio Teruel, Lucia; Valente, Pierluigi; Liu, Beiying; Fernández Ballester, Gregorio; Qin, Feng; Ferrer Montiel, Antonio
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