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Tooth Developmental Anomalies in One Patient with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease and One with Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia: Clinical feature and treatment outcome In corso di stampa Cossellu, Guido; Farronato, Giampietro; Benedicenti, Stefano; Olivi, Giovanni; Angiero, Francesca
Photons Induce Vesicular Exocytotic Release of Glutamate in a Power-Dependent Way 1-gen-2023 Cervetto, C.; Amaroli, A.; Amato, S.; Gatta, E.; Diaspro, A.; Maura, G.; Signore, A.; Benedicenti, S.; Marcoli, M.
Prevention of Dry Socket with Ozone Oil-Based Gel after Inferior Third Molar Extraction: A Double-Blind Split-Mouth Randomized Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial 1-gen-2023 Materni, Alberto; Pasquale, Claudio; Longo, Eugenio; Frosecchi, Massimo; Benedicenti, Stefano; Bozzo, Matteo; Amaroli, Andrea
In Vitro Assessment of SWEEPS and Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy Alone or in Combination for Eradicating Enterococcus faecalis Biofilm in Root Canals 1-gen-2023 Shahi Ardakani, Ali; Afrasiabi, Shima; Sarraf, Pegah; Benedicenti, Stefano; Solimei, Luca; Chiniforush, Nasim
Comparison between the Flapless Surgical Approach and a Novel Single Incision Access in Terms of Recovery Time and Comfort after Extraction of Impacted Inferior Third Molars: A Randomised, Blinded, Split-Mouth Controlled Clinical Trial 1-gen-2023 Materni, A.; Pasquale, C.; Signore, A.; Benedicenti, S.; Amaroli, A.
Innovative Nanostructured Fillers for Dental Resins: Nanoporous Alumina and Titania Nanotubes 1-gen-2023 Eggenhöffner, Roberto; Ghisellini, Paola; Rando, Cristina; Pechkova, Eugenia; Terencio, Tercio; Mazzolai, Barbara; Giacomelli, Luca; Barbaro, Katia; Benedicenti, Stefano
Safety and Effectiveness of Conventional Commercial Products for Professional Tooth Bleaching: Comparative Ex Vivo Study Using AFM Microscopy and Nanoindentation 1-gen-2023 Pasquale, Claudio; DE ANGELIS, NICOLA ANTONIO; Barberis, Fabrizio; Lagazzo, Alberto; Dellacasa, Elena; Biggio, Davide; Schiaffino, Matteo; Raiteri, Roberto; Ceseracciu, Luca; Benedicenti, Stefano; Amaroli, Andrea
Steering the multipotent mesenchymal cells towards an anti-inflammatory and osteogenic bias via photobiomodulation therapy: How to kill two birds with one stone 1-gen-2022 Amaroli, A.; Pasquale, C.; Zekiy, A.; Benedicenti, S.; Marchegiani, A.; Sabbieti, M. G.; Agas, D.
A Comparative Study on the Effect of Peri-Implant Infection Management Lasers (1064-nm Q-Switch Nd:YAG, 1064-nm Nd:YAG and 980-nm Diode) on Titanium Grade 4 Surface 1-gen-2022 Pasquale, Claudio; DE ANGELIS, NICOLA ANTONIO; Dellacasa, Elena; Raiteri, Roberto; Barberis, Fabrizio; Lagazzo, Alberto; Benedicenti, Stefano; Amaroli, Andrea
The 1064-nm Nd:YAG Photobiomodulation vs. 20% Benzocaine Topical Gel in Inducing Mucosal Anesthetic Effect: A Double-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial 1-gen-2022 El Feghali, R.; Tatarian, K.; Zogheib, C.; Benedicenti, S.; Pasquale, C.; Amaroli, A.
Comparison of the Clinical Outcomes of Titanium and Zirconia Implant Abutments: A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews 1-gen-2022 Halim, Felita Clarissa; Pesce, Paolo; Angelis, Nicola De; Benedicenti, Stefano; Menini, Maria
A Narrative Review on Oral and Periodontal Bacteria Microbiota Photobiomodulation, through Visible and Near-Infrared Light: From the Origins to Modern Therapies 1-gen-2022 Amaroli, Andrea; Ravera, Silvia; Zekiy, Angelina; Benedicenti, Stefano; Pasquale, Claudio
Current Trends in Bone Augmentation Techniques and Dental Implantology: An Editorial Overview 1-gen-2022 DE ANGELIS, NICOLA ANTONIO; Benedicenti, Stefano; Zekiy and Andrea Amaroli, Angelina
Photobiomodulation and release of the neurotransmitter glutamate from the nerve terminals 1-gen-2021 Marcoli, Manuela; Pelassa, Simone; Amaroli, Andrea; Maura, Guido; Benedicenti, Stefano; Cervetto, Chiara
LASER AND TITANIUM INTERACTION 1-gen-2021 Pasquale, Claudio; Lagazzo, Alberto; Benedicenti, Stefano; Barberis, Fabrizio
Snoring and sleep-related symptoms: A novel non-invasive 808 nm wavelength diode laser non-ablative outpatient treatment. a prospective pilot-study on 45 patients 1-gen-2021 Fini Storchi, I.; Frosecchi, M.; Bovis, F.; Zekiy, A.; Benedicenti, S.; Amaroli, A.; Convissar, R. A.
Effects of photobiomodulation on bone defects grafted with bone substitutes: A systematic review of in vivo animal studies 1-gen-2021 Hanna, R.; Dalvi, S.; Amaroli, A.; De Angelis, N.; Benedicenti, S.
808-nm near-infrared laser photobiomodulation versus switched-off laser placebo in major aphthae management: A randomized double-blind controlled trial 1-gen-2021 Pasquale, C.; Colombo, E.; Benedicenti, S.; Signore, A.; Amaroli, A.
Improving consistency of photobiomodulation therapy: A novel flat-top beam hand-piece versus standard gaussian probes on mitochondrial activity 1-gen-2021 Amaroli, A.; Arany, P.; Pasquale, C.; Benedicenti, S.; Bosco, A.; Ravera, S.
Role of photobiomodulation therapy in modulating oxidative stress in temporomandibular disorders. A systematic review and meta-analysis of human randomised controlled trials 1-gen-2021 Hanna, R.; Dalvi, S.; Bensadoun, R. J.; Benedicenti, S.
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