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Experimental assessment of the interface electronic system for PVDF-based piezoelectric tactile sensors 1-gen-2019 Moustafa, Saleh; Abbass, Yahya; Ibrahim, Ali; Valle, Maurizio
Embedded feedback system for upper limb prosthetics 1-gen-2020 Abbass, Y.; Saleh, M.; Ibrahim, A.; Valle, M.
Smart tactile sensing systems based on embedded CNN implementations 1-gen-2020 Alameh, M.; Abbass, Y.; Ibrahim, A.; Valle, M.
Validation of screen‐printed electronic skin based on piezoelectric polymer sensors 1-gen-2020 Fares, H.; Abbass, Y.; Valle, M.; Seminara, L.
Touch Modality Classification Using Recurrent Neural Networks 1-gen-2021 Alameh, M.; Abbass, Y.; Ibrahim, A.; Moser, G.; Valle, M.
Embedded Electrotactile Feedback System for Hand Prostheses using Matrix Electrode and Electronic Skin 1-gen-2021 Abbass, Y.; Saleh, M.; Dosen, S.; Valle, M.
Novel Wearable Tactile Feedback System for post-stroke Rehabilitation 1-gen-2021 Abbass, Yahya; Seminara, Lucia; Saleh, Moustafa; Valle, Maurizio
Full-hand electrotactile feedback using electronic skin and matrix electrodes for high-bandwidth human–machine interfacing 1-gen-2022 Abbass, Yahya; Dosen, Strahinja; Seminara, Lucia; Valle, Maurizio
Towards human-in-the-loop haptic system for avoidance of object slippage from an insensate hand 1-gen-2022 Micheli, C.; Abbass, Y.; Gianoglio, C.; Ragusa, E.; Valle, M.; Baggetta, M.; Berselli, G.; Seminara, L.
Human-Machine Interfaces using Distributed Sensing and Stimulation Systems 24-feb-2022 Abbass, Yahya
Embedded Implementation of Signal Pre-processing for Tactile Sensing System 1-gen-2023 Saleh, M.; Abbass, Y.; Valle, Maurizio
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 11 di 11
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