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Evolution of chain entanglements under large amplitude oscillatory shear flow and its effect on crystallization of isotactic polypropylene 1-gen-2019 Wang, B.; Cavallo, D.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, B.; Chen, J.
Nucleation of Poly(lactide) on the Surface of Different Fibers 1-gen-2019 Wang, B.; Wen, T.; Zhang, X.; Tercjak, A.; Dong, X.; Muller, A. J.; Wang, D.; Cavallo, D.
Differential scanning calorimetry study of cross-nucleation between polymorphs in isotactic poly(1-butene) 1-gen-2019 Wang, B.; Menyhard, A.; Alfonso, G. C.; Muller, A. J.; Cavallo, D.
Estimating the nucleation ability of various surfaces towards isotactic polypropylene via light intensity induction time measurements 1-gen-2019 Carmeli, E.; Wang, B.; Moretti, P.; Tranchida, D.; Cavallo, D.
Heterogeneous Nucleation and Self-Nucleation of Isotactic Polypropylene Microdroplets in Immiscible Blends: From Nucleation to Growth-Dominated Crystallization 1-gen-2020 Wang, B.; Utzeri, R.; Castellano, M.; Stagnaro, P.; Müller, A. J.; Cavallo, D.
Cross-nucleation of polybutene-1 Form II on Form I seeds with different morphology 1-gen-2020 Wang, W.; Wang, B.; Carmeli, E.; Wang, Z.; Ma, Z.; Cavallo, D.
Origin of transcrystallinity and nucleation kinetics in polybutene-1/fiber composites 1-gen-2020 Wang, W.; Wang, B.; Tercjak, A.; Muller, A. J.; Ma, Z.; Cavallo, D.
Heterogeneous Nucleation in Semicrystalline Polymers 20-mar-2020 Wang, Bao
Fractionated crystallization in semicrystalline polymers 1-gen-2021 Sangroniz, L.; Wang, B.; Su, Y.; Liu, G.; Cavallo, D.; Wang, D.; Muller, A. J.
Epitaxy in Polybutene-1 Form II-on-Form i Cross-Nucleation Revealed by Nanofocused X-ray Diffraction on Ad Hoc Morphology 1-gen-2021 Wang, W.; Wang, B.; Looijmans, S. F. S. P.; Carmeli, E.; Rosenthal, M.; Liu, G.; Cavallo, D.
Competing crystallization of α- and β-phase induced by β-nucleating agents in microdroplets of isotactic polypropylene 1-gen-2022 Carmeli, Enrico; Ottonello, Sara; Wang, Bao; Menyhárd, Alfréd; Müller, Alejandro J.; Cavallo, Dario
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