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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
An abstract machine for asynchronous programs with closures and priority queues 1-gen-2017 Ancona, Davide; Delzanno, Giorgio; Franceschini, Luca; Leotta, Maurizio; Prampolini, Enrico; Ribaudo, Marina; Ricca, Filippo
Adaptive Motion Pooling and Diffusion for Optical Flow Computation 1-gen-2017 Kartheek Medathati, N. V.; Chessa, Manuela; Masson, Guillaume S.; Kornprobst, Pierre; Solari, Fabio
A clustering approach to heterogeneous change detection 1-gen-2017 Luppino, Luigi Tommaso; Anfinsen, Stian Normann; Moser, Gabriele; Jenssen, Robert; Bianchi, Filippo Maria; Serpico, Sebastiano; Mercier, Gregoire
Combining static and runtime methods to achieve safe standing-up for humanoid robots 1-gen-2016 Leofante, Francesco; Vuotto, Simone; Ábrahám, Erika; Tacchella, Armando; Jansen, Nils
Design of Luenberger observers for a class of hybrid linear systems 1-gen-2001 Alessandri, Angelo; P., Coletta
Detecting and Correcting Conservativity Principle Violations in Ontology-to-Ontology Mappings 1-gen-2014 Solimando, Alessandro; Ernesto Jiménez, Ruiz; Guerrini, Giovanna
A greedy approach for the efficient repair of stochastic models 1-gen-2015 Pathak, Shashank; Ábrahám, Erika; Jansen, Nils; Tacchella, Armando; Katoen, Joost Pieter
Involving Cognitively Disabled Young People in Focused Mini SGs Design: A Case Study 1-gen-2016 Curatelli, Francesco; Martinengo, Chiara; Lavagnino, Elisa; Wiedemann, ANTONIE RITA
Learning a compositional hierarchy of disparity descriptors for 3D orientation estimation in an active fixation setting 1-gen-2017 Kalou, Katerina; Gibaldi, Agostino; Canessa, Andrea; Sabatini, Silvio P.
A learning analytics approach to correlate the academic achievements of students with interaction data from an educational simulator 1-gen-2015 Vahdat, Mehrnoosh; Oneto, Luca; Anguita, Davide; Funk, Mathias; Rauterberg, Matthias
Learning for verification in embedded systems: A case study 1-gen-2016 Khalili, Ali; Narizzano, Massimo; Tacchella, Armando
A new framework for assets selection based on dimensions reduction techniques 1-gen-2011 Resta, Marina
A note on the sensitivity to parameters in the convergence of Self-Organizing Maps 1-gen-2003 Resta, Marina; M., Cattaneo Adorno
On the impact of the metrics choice in SOM learning: some empirical results from financial data 1-gen-2010 Resta, Marina
On the Profitability of Scalping Strategies Based on Neural Networks 1-gen-2006 Resta, Marina
Portfolio Optimization through Elastic Maps: Some Evidence from the Italian Stock Exchange 1-gen-2007 Resta, Marina
Reliability and convergence on Kohonen maps: an empirical study 1-gen-2004 Resta, Marina; M., Cattaneo Adorno
Tutorial: Service-oriented architecture (SOA) development for serious games 1-gen-2015 Carvalho, Maira B.; Hu, Jun; Bellotti, Francesco; DE GLORIA, Alessandro; Rauterberg, Matthias
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 18 di 18
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